What is injection therapy?

It involves injecting a steroid directly into the site of your inflammation and pain. 

It’s not a standalone treatment – a combination of injection therapy, physiotherapy and lifestyle changes are often recommended to manage your pain. At Nuffield Health, we provide fast access to our network of medical experts if you need additional support or treatment.

Is injection therapy right for me?

Injection therapy is commonly used as part of a treatment plan for joint conditions like arthritis and bursitis. Joints like the shoulder, knee and hip may be treated with steroid injection therapy. It’s usually recommended if oral painkillers aren’t helping to manage your pain.

Unfortunately we can’t provide injection therapy for headaches or back, spine and neck conditions. You find out more about other treatments here.

How long do the benefits last?

Depending on the condition being treated, the slow-release steroid takes around 2­–4 weeks to take full effect and may last for months or longer.

What happens during the procedure?

  • Your injection therapist will clean the skin around the injection site with antiseptic
  • A needle is gently inserted into the affected area and the solution is then injected through the needle
  • You'll probably feel some pressure when the needle is inserted, but most injections are relatively painless
  • As the injection contains anaesthetic, you should feel instant relief.

What happens after?

  • Once your therapist has examined you post-injection, you'll be able to go home
  • You can drive home within 30 minutes of having the injection, but if you feel light headed you may wish to take public transport or have somebody drive you
  • You will need a period of 'relative rest' for 48 hours post-injection
  • Around 28 days after your injection, your therapist will contact you for a telephone review to see how you're getting on
  • Your therapist will then recommend next steps which may include another injection.

Take a look at our FAQs for further information about injection therapy at Nuffield Health.

Where is injection therapy available?

We offer injection therapy at the following Nuffield Health locations:

  • Manchester Printworks Gym - 0161 820 1764
  • Liverpool Gym - 0151 707 6000

Please call your nearest site to book an appointment or email injection.therapy@nuffieldhealth.com

How much does a steroid injection cost?

An initial assessment plus 1 injection costs £99.