Nuffield Health has a track record that spans over half a century. We have built a reputation for high standards of care, professionalism and expertise in delivering health services, and we aim for continuous quality improvement in everything we do. When we commit to quality, our customers know we mean it.

There is an active safety and quality programme in place across all services provided by Nuffield Health. This is audited and the outcomes are monitored at every level of the organisation. This means that on the rare occasions when things don't go to plan, we'll put them right and learn the lessons to improve future services.

The Nuffield Health Board publishes an industry-leading integrated governance report, which includes the outcomes of the various elements of the safety and quality programme.

Quality and safety indicators

We've developed 81 quality performance indicators, for internal use in our hospitals, to check everything we do against best practice. These indicators are used voluntarily because everyone we work with recognises that quality counts. Some of the indicators are driven by feedback from our customers, some represent internal or regulatory standards.

We publish the outcomes of 10 of these quality indicators on our website, as 'The Top Ten', and these are based on what people tell us really matters to them.

Governance and quality assurance

We have stringent quality assurance processes in place to identify and address any clinical issues from the local level through to the Board of Governors. This includes both internal and external audit processes to monitor and check the care we provide, including routine checks on all our Consultants.

Any indication of unusual or concerning trends relating to patient safety or satisfaction would prompt further and detailed investigation of that Consultant’s practice. If concerns are raised, we investigate them and follow up with sanctions in line with our Practising Privileges Policy.

Our processes ensure that consultants working at our hospitals are of the highest calibre and that they provide high-quality care.

Why is this information important to me?

Information about healthcare is important to ensure you get the best advice and treatment. Health is a partnership and this can only be achieved if we share information about our services.







     (as of May)

MRSA Blood Stream Infection


 MSSA Blood Stream Infection3430

 E coli Blood Stream Infection1218146

 Clostridium difficile cases7674

 Surgical Site Infection Hip replacements513125

 reported number of THR procedures4313486155431629

 % infection rate in THR0.12%0.27%0.22%0.31%

 Surgical Site Infection knee replacements95146

 reported number of TKR procedures4606541562221770

 % infection rate in TKR0.20%0.09%0.23%0.34%

 Cleanliness: satisfaction survey responses----

 Hand Hygiene compliance----