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Vasectomy Reversal Fees
Initial consultation from £160
Treatment £2,885
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Post-discharge care Included
Pre-assessment, Main treatment and Post-discharge care £2,885
Guide price £3,045
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The price displayed for your initial consultation is a guideline only as Consultant fees vary according to their own individual fee schedules. The price displayed above however for pre-assessment, main treatment and post-discharge care is guaranteed and inclusive of all costs.

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Why choose Nuffield Health Taunton Hospital for your vasectomy reversal surgery?

Having a vasectomy doesn't always mean that you're infertile for life. If your personal circumstances change and you want to father children again, it is possible to reverse your original vasectomy with vasectomy reversal surgery.

Vasectomy reversals are not always successful, however our team of urologists at Nuffield Health Taunton Hospital have a wealth of experience and expertise in carrying out this procedure, which helps contribute to their high success rates.

To maintain our first-class primary care standards in Taunton, our urology consultants have the full support of our attentive matron led nursing team, who are dedicated to ensuring that your stay in hospital is comfortable, clean and as stress free as possible.

We encourage all patients to discuss vasectomy reversal surgery with their partner before deciding whether to go ahead with any treatment. During a consultation, one of our surgeons will provide you with information on any risks and the key benefits of surgery, helping you make an informed decision.  

How to book a private consultation at Nuffield Health Taunton Hospital

If you are considering vasectomy reversal surgery and want to discuss your treatment options in more detail, you need to book an initial consultation with one of our urologists in Taunton. To book, simply call our hospital enquiry team on 01823 250612.

What happens during vasectomy reversal surgery?

  • Vasectomy reversal is performed under general anaesthetic
  • It usually takes between an 1 hour - 1.5 hours
  • During a vasectomy the vas deferen tubes are cut preventing sperm from leaving the epididymis
  • To reverse this procedure your surgeon in Taunton will locate the site of your vasectomy
  • They will usually make cuts on each side of your scrotum
  • After examining each testicle they will free up the tubes and remove any scar tissue
  • Using a special microscope they will stitch the ends of the tubes back together
  • They will close the surgical wounds with stitches.

After vasectomy reversal surgery

  • You should be able to go home the day of your procedure but you should arrange for someone to drive you
  • Take over the counter pain relief such as Paracetamol if you have any discomfort, as advised by the clinical team
  • You should avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least 3 weeks after your surgery
  • Gentle walking may speed your recovery
  • Please discuss any return to work with your consultant
  • About 6 - 8 weeks after your surgery you will need to return to our clinic to give a semen sample
  • We will examine the sample for sperm
  • If no sperm are present or your sperm count is very low we may ask you to return for another test at a later date.

General complications could include:

  • Pain
  • Infection in the surgical wound
  • Bleeding.

Specific complications of a vasectomy reversal could include:

  • Long term pain
  • Bleeding within the scrotum
  • Damage to blood vessel
  • Scar tissue causing the tubes to block
  • Failure to restore fertility.
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