Cancer can be treated in a number of ways, from removal of the cancerous cells to chemotherapy; the right treatment will depend on your personal situation. It is always best to be prepared for an intervention of this nature, and a good physio regime can get you in shape for surgery, as well as aid your recovery. Early detection of cancer is always the best hope of beating it, Health Checks can form an important art of a preventative approach to cancer.

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Breast cancer myths busted

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, affecting almost 55,000 UK women each year. But not everything you hear about breast cancer is true.

In fact, there are so many myths floating around it’s sometimes hard to tell fact from fiction. Nuffield Health’s professional head of mammography, Sue Oliver, busts the most common myths about breast cancer.

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5 myths on cancer and nutrition

Leah Mayes, a specialist dietitian based in the oncology suite at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital, is frequently asked about how diet and nutrition can influence our health by reducing our cancer risk and improving health outcomes.

What are antioxidants and why are they good for you?

"This food is high in antioxidants,” says the marketing on the pack. But what are antioxidants, and why are they good for you?

How to check a mole

In a land as often dreary as the UK, is skin cancer really a problem? Nuffield Health GP and mole expert Unnati Desai discusses the facts around skin cancer and provides a simple guide to checking your moles.

'I'm glad I expressed my prostate cancer concerns'

When Tom was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 43, his long-felt suspicions had been confirmed. He was the latest in his family to be diagnosed, and the youngest.

Smear test results explained

Smear tests are a key part of looking after your health, but women can be anxious about the results. Nuffield Health's Medical Executive Director, Dr Davina Deniszczyz, explains the different types of smear results and what they mean for you.

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A free event focusing on what concerning skin lesions could look like with our Consultant Dermatologist - Dr Jibu Varghese
Thu 18 May

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Come and meet our Dermatologist Dr G Sega-Hall for a general talk on skin conditions and laser treatment.