Our well-equipped gyms (staffed with professional personal trainers) can help you whether you are looking to get fit for the first time or reach your physical peak. A range of classes from spin to Zumba can help you get fit and have fun. If you succumb to injury, a physiotherapist can get you back on your feet sooner and help you avoid reinjury.

We have a plethora of articles from our Nuffield Health experts, both on dealing with injury and on keeping fit.

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Dedication: What it takes to be a tennis champion with Paul Jubb

What does it take to be a champion? Paul Jubb, rising star at the Nuffield Health Tennis Academy in Hull, looks back at his journey to the top of the game.

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How to succeed at your fitness goals

Finding the motivation to exercise and change your lifestyle can be challenging. Discover how to reach your long-term fitness goals.

5 ways a Personal Trainer can help you get fitter faster

Contrary to popular belief, personal training isn’t about barking orders like a Drill Sergeant - it’s about breaking the barriers to help you achieve your personal goals. Here's five ways Personal Trainers can help you to win your fitness battles.

What are supersets?

Nuffield Health Senior Personal Trainer Phil Goulding explains what supersets are, what they're good for and when to do them.

Thirty day fitness challenge: Beginner

Looking to kick start your fitness? Why not take our thirty day fitness challenge for beginners.

What is circuit training?

Nuffield Health Senior Personal Trainer Phil Goulding explains what circuit training is, what it's good for and when to use it.

Thu 30 Jan
This is an opportunity for clinical colleagues to gain a CPD credit and to participate in an informal Q&A session with Mr James Gibbs
Thu 27 Feb
This event is for anyone who is suffering with hip or knee pain and would like to explore their options for treatment.