At Nuffield Health, we’re continuing to build a healthier nation by aiming to provide the best possible service. If you need to raise a concern or make a formal complaint – whether you’re in one of our hospitals, medical centres, have taken a health assessment, or undergone Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – please follow the steps below, so we can put things right. We regularly review all your feedback to improve your experience with us.

How we handle your complaint

Stage 0

Informal Local Resolution

This is the initial stage of the complaints process, which might not need a formal response. The local site will handle your complaint and aim to resolve the issue within two working days.

  • STAGE 1

    Formal Local Resolution

    If you feel your concerns are not resolved, a further investigation will be carried out by a senior member of the on-site management team. Once their investigation has been concluded, you'll receive a full formal written response.

  • STAGE 2

    Organisational Review

    If you’re unhappy with the response at Stages 0 and 1, our central Customer Relations Team will review the handling of your complaint to establish if it was dealt with correctly. Your complaint will be acknowledged in two working days, and a review completed in 20 working days. You will then be contacted by our Customer Relations Team.

  • STAGE 3

    External Adjudication

    If you’re a clinical customer (non-NHS patient) you can escalate your concerns to the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS). Access ISCAS here.

    If you’re an NHS patient, you can escalate your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO). Access PHSO here.

Thank you for contacting us

Your complaint will be responded to within two working days.



Customer Relations Team

Nuffield Health Customer Relations team
Epsom Gateway
Ashley Avenue
KT18 5AL

  • Submit a gym complaint form here 

Please note: whenever possible, please provide proof of interaction when escalating via the address above.