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Several things can cause low libido in men. They include getting older, the presence of an underlying health condition, relationship issues, or a hormone imbalance. If you’re a man and you’re concerned about your sex drive, interest, or desire, keep reading to learn more about the common causes, signs, and symptoms.

Updated: Friday 24 May 2024

Published: Friday 24 May 2024

It’s never easy to tell someone they've got cancer, but for Consultant Urologists like Mr John Donohue, the burden might be lightened if men knew more about what to expect. As we explore in this article, in most cases, there’s plenty of time to decide what your next steps will look like.

Updated: Thursday 23 May 2024

Published: Monday 16 November 2015

All men are born with a prostate, but many of us aren’t sure what it does and how it works. Because of its location and function, it can be difficult to detect problems like prostate enlargement or prostate cancer early on, especially in older men.

Updated: Thursday 23 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 22 May 2024

Suffering from arthritis pain in her hips and hands, Tracy was left housebound for two years during the pandemic. As the pain became unbearable and began to affect her daily routine, Tracy's local GP suggested applying for the Joint Pain Programme at Nuffield Health.

Updated: Thursday 23 May 2024

Published: Tuesday 12 September 2023

Research shows that men are less likely than women to seek medical help or advice. Traditional views on masculinity and fear of bad news are just two of the most common reasons men give for putting off check-ups. This can lead to potentially harmful conditions being ignored and men losing out on valuable information about their overall health.

Updated: Thursday 23 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 22 May 2024

With recent research from Nuffield Health unveiling significant barriers to exercise for those living in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital in collaboration with The Brownlee Foundation aim to inspire young people to prioritise their health and wellbeing through the power of sport, physical activity and positive role models.

Updated: Wednesday 22 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 22 May 2024

The three peaks challenge is a popular outdoor endurance climb in the UK. The challenge involves climbing Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike, and Mount Snowden back-to-back. If you’re considering it as your next adventure, we've put everything you’ll need to know about the challenge in one place to save you time researching.

Updated: Tuesday 21 May 2024

Published: Tuesday 21 May 2024

The popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes has continued to soar in recent years. These smoking cessation aids contain a blend of nicotine and flavouring and lack several of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. Despite the assumption that these devices are healthier than smoking, a lot of the health risks associated with them haven't been fully explored.

Updated: Tuesday 21 May 2024

Published: Tuesday 21 May 2024

Whether it’s cycling, running, or swimming, you put your body through a lot during a race. As you cross the finish line and that familiar ache starts to set in, you know your body will need some TLC to get back to its best. You'll find everything you need to maximise your post-race recovery in our quick and easy guide, below.

Updated: Monday 20 May 2024

Published: Friday 15 January 2016

Steve Gray is retiring as CEO and Alex Perry has been appointed as his successor.

Updated: Thursday 16 May 2024

Published: Thursday 16 May 2024

Understanding how to properly check your testicles for lumps is something every man should know how to do. Getting to know their unique size and shape makes spotting abnormalities like lumps and areas of swelling easier.

Updated: Wednesday 15 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 15 May 2024

Too embarrassed to get your prostate checked? Unsure of what to expect from a rectal examination? Mr Gareth Brown, Consultant Urological Surgeon at Nuffield Health Cardiff & Vale Hospital, explains why it's well worth a few awkward moments.

Updated: Tuesday 14 May 2024

Published: Monday 23 November 2015

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects men of all ages. ED is characterised by an inability or difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection that’s firm enough for sex. It can affect confidence levels, reduce libido (sex drive), and make sexual intercourse with a partner difficult.

Updated: Tuesday 14 May 2024

Published: Tuesday 14 May 2024

To celebrate ODP Day, we caught up with Kate Stables, Operating Department Practitioner at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital to ask her what the day means to her.

Updated: Monday 13 May 2024

Published: Monday 13 May 2024

To celebrate International Nurses Day 2024, we caught up with three of our nurses to ask them about what the day means to them.

Updated: Friday 10 May 2024

Published: Friday 10 May 2024

For many of us, focusing on the positive things in life is a lot harder than dwelling on the negatives. Gratitude journaling is a quick and easy self-help technique that trains the mind to think more about the things (big or small) we’re grateful for.

Updated: Thursday 9 May 2024

Published: Thursday 9 May 2024

We all love a good night’s sleep, but for some of us it isn’t enough. When done properly, napping during the day can help improve energy and concentration levels. Unfortunately, it can also make it harder for us to fall asleep later in the day.

Updated: Wednesday 8 May 2024

Published: Monday 11 March 2024

Ever started a new job and wondered if you’re good enough? If you answered yes, you might be experiencing imposter syndrome. Characterised by thoughts and doubts about your ability or competence, these feelings are often accompanied by worries about failure or “being found out”

Updated: Wednesday 8 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 8 May 2024

Depending on your needs and history with contraception, starting or changing your method can be a daunting experience. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available today to make safe sex easy.

Updated: Friday 3 May 2024

Published: Friday 3 May 2024

During the menopause, many women experience hot flashes. These can vary in intensity and cause confusion, disorientation, and anxiety if you aren’t used to them. Dr Unnati Desai shares some insight into what hot flashes are and how you can manage them.

Updated: Friday 3 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 18 October 2023