There is an active Quality programme in place across all services provided by Nuffield Health and this is audited and the outcomes are monitored at every level of the organisation. Fundamentally this means that when things do not go to plan we will put them right and learn the lessons to improve future services.

The Nuffield Health Board publishes an industry-leading governance report which includes the outcomes of the various elements of the safety and quality programme.

All our hospitals are inspected by independent healthcare regulators to ensure they meet the fundamental standard of quality and safety as determined by the regulating body of each country. The table below details the rating of our hospitals according to the findings of the Care Quality Commission, Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) and Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW).

100% of our hospitals have been rated Good or Outstanding by national regulators in 2022. See below for ratings and links to full reports.

Bournemouth Hospital

Brentwood Hospital

Brighton Hospital

Bristol Hospital

Cambridge Hospital

Cancer Centre London

Not yet inspected.

Cardiff & Vale Hospital

No issues were identified during the last Health Inspectorate Wales inspection.*

Cheltenham Hospital

Chester, The Grosvenor Hospital

Chichester Hospital

Derby Hospital

Edinburgh Hospital

Good (Health Improvement Scotland)**

Exeter Hospital

Glasgow Hospital

Very Good (Health Improvement Scotland)**

Guildford Hospital

Haywards Heath Hospital

Hereford Hospital

Highgate Hospital

Ipswich Hospital

Leeds Hospital

Leicester Hospital

Manchester Diagnostic Suite

Manchester Institute of Health & Performance (MIHP)

Not yet inspected.

Newcastle Hospital

North Staffordshire Hospital

Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew's Hospital

Not yet inspected.

Oxford, The Manor Hospital

Parkside Hospital

Plymouth Hospital

Shrewsbury Hospital

Taunton Hospital

Tees Hospital

The Holly Hospital

Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Warwickshire Hospital

Wessex Hospital

Woking Hospital

Wolverhampton Hospital

York Hospital

*HIW conducts a review and provides a letter of findings, but not a rating. No breaches were identified in its inspection.

**HIS grade 5 areas using a 6-point scale and we have aggregated these into an overall score.