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At Nuffield Health, all our health assessments focus on preventative health. Through several different lifestyle, medical and non-invasive tests, our health assessments allow you to understand how to take control of your health – discussing potential issues whilst also reinforcing good behaviours. However, if further tests are required, our doctors can refer you to the relevant health experts; both privately or via the NHS.

We also offer Corporate Health Assessments to support your employee's lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Find out more.

What's included in all our health assessments?

Quality time with a Nuffield Health doctor and/or a health and wellbeing physiologist.

Results that are available on the day will be discussed face-to-face during your assessment.

You will receive a written personalised report two weeks after your health assessment.

Free 30-day gym pass to start you on your road to improved health.

Referral to the relevant health experts – both privately or via the NHS.

Our Health Assessments

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Corporate Health Assessments

As leaders in corporate healthcare, we understand the importance of early intervention and supporting your employee’s health concerns. We do this with our unique health assessment programme – PATH (Personalised Assessment for Tailored Health).

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