Diet can be responsible for an array of dermatology issues; allergy tests and healthy eating can help in these cases. Skin assessment clinics can help to assess skin lesions. Depending on your dermatological issue, treatments such as tattoo removal and IPL hair removal are available.

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Taking back the reins: Wendy's varicose veins story

For seven years, Wendy hung up her skirts - too embarrassed to bare her legs in public. Even worse, the bulging veins were impacting what she loved most in life – riding horses. Find out how Wendy took control and got back to loving life.

Wendy has been around horses since she was just eight years old. 50 years on, her love of horses and horse-riding has only grown stronger.

“Horses to me are like friends, they respond to the kindness that you give them and show them. They take confidence in your confidence.”

But confidence was just what Wendy was lacking. Ever since her 50th birthday, varicose veins in both her legs had been slowly eroding her self-esteem.

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Eczema | 5 ways changing your diet could help

Your diet could be having an effect on your skin's condition. Find out how adapting your diet could help relieve your symptoms of eczema.

The A - G guide to checking your moles

In a land as often dreary as the UK, is skin cancer really a problem? Nuffield Health GP and mole expert Unnati Desai discusses the facts around skin cancer and provides a simple guide to checking your moles.

Have you been getting sun protection wrong all along?

You may think that just putting on a high factor of sun lotion will keep you safe from the sun's rays, but you'd be wrong. Reduce skin ageing and protect yourself from skin cancer with these tips for using sun lotion correctly.

Fixing stretched earlobes | 4 things you need to know

Consultant Ear Surgeon Mr Sanjay Verma explains four things you should know about having your stretched earlobes surgically repaired.

The sun, your skin and the science between

Caution is key when spending time in the sun. GP and Nuffield Health Dermatology Lead, Dr Unnati Desai explains how UV radiation causes skin cancer.

Thu 21 Jan
This is an opportunity for clinical colleagues to gain a CPD credit and to participate in Q&A with Dr Jessie Felton, Consultant Dermatologist