Ageing Well

For October 2015 our Meet Our Experts event is Ageing Well.

Looking after our bodies as we age

As we age there are a number of health concerns we need to be aware of and signs we need to look out for. Our Ageing Well Meet Our Experts event aims to demystify some of these concerns.

Nutrition plays a big role in caring for our bodies in later years. As does maintaining physical fitness to support strong joints and mobility. There is also an important social element as studies have shown that older people are more prone to depression and loneliness than other age groups.

The Ageing Well Meet Our Expert Events will be taking place across Nuffield Health gyms in October. To find your local gym, use our gym finder.

Dates for the Ageing Well Meet Our Experts event

  • Aberdeen-Monday 19th October
  • Aylesbury-Tuesday 20th October
  • Barrow-Tuesday 20th October
  • Battersea-Tuesday 20th October
  • Birmingham Central-Tuesday 20th October
  • Birmingham Rubery-Tuesday 20th October
  • Bishops Stortford-Tuesday 20th October
  • Bloomsbury-Thursday 22nd October
  • Bristol-Tuesday 20th October
  • Bromley-19th and 23rd October
  • Brondesbury Park-Tuesday 20th October
  • Cambridge-Wednesday 21st October
  • Cannock-Tuesday 20th October
  • Cheam-Wednesday 21st October
  • Chelmsford-Monday 19th October
  • Chester-Tuesday 20th October
  • Chesterfield-Tuesday 20th October
  • Chichester-Wednesday 21st October
  • Chingford-Thursday 22nd October
  • City-Wednesday 21st October
  • Cottingley-Tuesday 20th October
  • Covent Garden-Tuesday 20th October
  • Crawley-Saturday 24th October
  • Croydon-Wednesday 21st October
  • Doncaster-Monday 19th October
  • East Kilbride-Tuesday 20th October
  • Edinburgh-Wednesday 21st October
  • Farnham-Tuesday 20th October
  • Fulham-Tuesday 20th October
  • Glasgow Central-Tuesday 20th October
  • Glasgow Giffnock-Tuesday 20th October
  • Gloucester-Tuesday 20th October
  • Gosforth-Tuesday 20th October
  • Guildford-Tuesday 20th October
  • Guiseley-Tuesday 20th October
  • Harrogate-Tuesday 20th October
  • Hertford-Wednesday 21st October
  • Hull-Wednesday 21st October
  • Ilford-Tuesday 20th October
  • Leatherhead-Wednesday 21st October
  • Leicester-Monday 19th October
  • Letchworth-Tuesday 20th October
  • Liverpool-Tuesday 20th October
  • Manchester-Tuesday 20th October
  • Milton Keynes-Tuesday 20th October
  • Newbury-Monday 19th October
  • Norbury-Monday 19th October
  • Northampton-Wednesday 21st October
  • Norwich-Monday 19th October
  • Nottingham-Wednesday 21st October
  • Nuneaton-Tuesday 20th October
  • Paddington-Monday 19th October
  • Plymouth-Tuesday 20th October
  • Portsmouth-Tuesday 20th October
  • Reading-Tuesday 20th October
  • Richmond-Thursday 22nd October
  • Sheffield-Monday 19th October
  • Shipley-Tuesday 20th October
  • St Albans-Wednesday 21st October
  • Stoke-Tuesday 20th October
  • Stoke Poges-Wednesday 21st October
  • Surbiton-Wednesday 21st October
  • Swindon-Tuesday 20th October
  • Taunton-Tuesday 20th October
  • Telford-Tuesday 20th October
  • Tunbridge Wells-Tuesday 20th October
  • Twickenham-Wednesday 21st October
  • Wakefield-Tuesday 20th October
  • Wandsworth-Tuesday 20th October
  • Warwick-Wednesday 21st October
  • West Byfleet-Monday 19th October
  • Wimbledon-Monday 19th October
  • Wolverhampton-Tuesday 20th October
  • Worcester-Tuesday 20th October
  • Yeovil-Tuesday 20th October
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