Health Assessments at Nuffield Health

The fact is that many of us are unaware of our true state of health, but unless we have a pressing pain or niggle, or know of a problem that affects our family, we may not be doing much about it.

Even then, things can be all too easy to ignore. After all, it can be hard to get to see a hard-pressed GP, especially for a lengthy consultation.

What can our health assessments offer you?

  • A comprehensive view of your health covering key health concerns such as diabetes, heart health, cancer risk and emotional wellbeing
  • A choice of four comprehensive health assessments - 360+; 360; Female; Lifestyle
  • All our health assessments are delivered by a Nuffield Health Doctor and/or a Nuffield Health Physiologist
  • A choice of 44 locations across the UK - we are always close at hand
  • A detailed report after your assessment detailing your results and suggested next steps
  • 24 months free access to Nuffield Healthscore™ so you can monitor your progress after the assessment
  • 1 months free access to any of our 75 gyms across the UK to continue your health improvement
  • If you have private medical insurance, or are part of a company scheme, you may be entitled to a reduced rate. Please contact us for more details.

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