Health Assessments at Nuffield Health

Health Assessment Programmes at Nuffield Health

Our unique Health Assessments are specifically tailored to address all relevant health and lifestyle factors. That’s why we offer a range of different health assessments, so that you can choose one that’s relevant to you - 360+ 360 Female and  Lifestyle.

We currently have 44 UK locations where you can take a Health Assessment, (within hospitals, gyms and medical centres).

Contact us today to book your comprehensive assessment and get a detailed overview of your health and wellbeing.

How much do our Health Assessments cost?

  • 360+ Health Assessment = £682
  • 360 Health Assessment = £513
  • Female Health Assessment = £307
  • Lifestyle Health Assessment = £243
  • If you have Private Medical Insurance, or are part of a company scheme, you may be entitled to a reduced rate. Please contact us for more details.

The Health Assessment Journey

Nuffield Health's Health Assessment Journey

Not just an assessment, a health journey

Our range of health assessments now offer you a complete health journey, not just a single one-off assessment.

We understand the importance of taking your health assessment results and using them to make positive lifestyle changes for your future health and wellbeing.

You will receive 24 months free access to Nuffield HealthScore™. Nuffield HealthScore™ is our innovative online, mobile fitness and lifestyle tool with on-going expert support.

We can also offer optional face-to-face follow-up appointments with your expert Nuffield Health clinical team. This ensures you are supported and motivated to make changes to your health and wellbeing, and gives you the ability to monitor these changes in real time, anytime, anywhere.

What is Nuffield HealthScore™?

Additional services

Nuffield Health also offer a range of additional health services from nutrition therapy and personal training to breast screening and MRI scans. Surf our website today to find out how we could help you or simply submit an enquiry and we will get back to you at a convenient time.

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