• Squash Courts
  • Spa
  • Medical Clinic
  • Golf Performance Studio
  • 20m Swimming Pool
  • Gym and Weights Area
  • Cable Training
  • XCUBE Functional Training


  • Physiotherapy
  • Health Assessments
  • GP Services
  • Spa and Beauty
  • Personal Training
  • Yoga / Pilates
  • Laser Hair Removal


  • Personal Trainers
  • Physiotherapists
  • GP
  • Physiologist
  • Beauty Therapists
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Moorgate Fitness & Wellbeing Gym

1, Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW

020 7920 6200

Opening times: Monday - Friday: 06:00–22:00; Saturday - Sunday & Bank Holidays: 09:00–18:00

Fitness training types explained

There's a lot of confusing terminology thrown around in the fitness industry. Senior Personal Trainer Phil Goulding breaks through the jargon to explain the definitions of the key training terms.

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10 things to do at the gym (other than pump iron)

Going to the gym isn’t all about bulking up or slimming down, it can also be a place to meet new people, relax or have fun. Here’s our list of 10 things you can do at the gym, other than pump iron.

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