Joint Pain Programme

Join our Joint Pain Programme and help relieve pain and lead a more independent life. 

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What is the Joint Pain Programme? 

Our 12-week Joint Pain Programme aims to help those living with joint pain to live life to the fullest, with expert guidance and a bespoke exercise programme. You’ll have two sessions in small groups each week with a wellbeing expert in our gyms learning about the role of food, exercise, sleep and mental wellbeing in managing pain. You’ll have access to an extensive offering of online articles throughout the programme. You’ll also receive a free Health MOT at the beginning and the end of the programme to show your progress.

There is a £2 session fee per session payable directly at the club as payment methods are not available via our website. The programme is open to members and non-members. As a member, you remain on your existing membership conditions and you are exempt from the session fees.


How do I apply to join the programme?

We’re now accepting applications for our Joint Pain Programme. If you’d like to apply you can have your GP practice or physiotherapist submit a referral for you, or you can refer yourself. We’re still rolling out the Programme across our network, so check the application form to find your nearest available site. We'll contact you to let you know if you've been accepted based on clinical criteria.

Why are we launching the programme?

As a trading charity, maintaining, promoting and advancing health is Nuffield Health's purpose.

8.75 million people have sought treatment for osteoarthritis. 

With an ageing population this is expected to rise.

1 in 6 people during their lifetime are affected in the UK.

And 1 in 3 people over the age of 45 have also been affected.

Osteoarthritis is the 2nd largest contributor to absenteeism.

Find out more about the role of food, exercise, sleep and emotional wellbeing in pain management with our knowledge bank from Nuffield Health experts.

Visit the Joint Pain Advice Hub

(Research collected by Arthritis Research UK)