Updated: Monday 1 June 2020

Food is an energy source. Used well, it will maintain a steady energy level throughout the day, used badly and your energy levels will peak and trough, along with your ability to function properly. Our expert tips will help you get the most out of your diet to feel great every day.

Updated: Monday 18 May 2020

Andy had noticed he was getting larger. He was aware that his chest would get tight, and he preferred to hide in the back of photographs. But it wasn't until he applied for the Healthy Weight Programme that he realised how close he was to a catastrophic event.

Updated: Monday 11 May 2020

Brendan Street, our Professional Head of Emotional Wellbeing, provides some insight into why we may eat emotionally and provides some tactics to helps us limit it.

Updated: Wednesday 15 April 2020

Dr Benjamin Kelly, Head of Clinical Research at Nuffield Health, explains how to calculate your BMI and analyse the results.

Updated: Monday 30 March 2020

Roasted chickpeas are a great snack for slow-release energy to help you feel fuller for longer. Nutritional Therapist Mary Cotter dishes out the recipe.

Updated: Monday 30 March 2020

Having a good breakfast is the best start to any day, but it can be difficult to know what foods will give you the lasting energy you need. Our mix and match guide will help you create delicious and healthy breakfasts.

Updated: Monday 30 March 2020

Create hundreds of nutritious oat recipes with these tasty topping suggestions from Nutritional Therapist Jessica Andersson.

Updated: Wednesday 4 March 2020

You’ve chosen your Personal Trainer and purchased some sessions, but what now? Feeling a little anxious? No need for nerves. Ross Harris, Nuffield Health’s National Fitness Operations Manager, offers pointers on how to prepare.

Updated: Wednesday 26 February 2020

Sleeve gastrectomy is now the most commonly performed weight loss surgery in the UK. Mr Simon Gibson, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon at Nuffield Health Glasgow, explains what’s behind its growing popularity.

Updated: Tuesday 4 February 2020

Contrary to popular belief, personal training isn’t about barking orders like a Drill Sergeant - it’s about breaking the barriers to help you achieve your personal goals. Here's five ways Personal Trainers can help you to win your fitness battles.

Updated: Tuesday 14 January 2020

Our emotional wellbeing expert, Brendan Street advises on the emotional highs and lows of the weight loss journey.

Updated: Tuesday 14 January 2020

Going alcohol-free doesn't have to mean drinking endless orange juice or water. Mary Cotter's mocktail recipes will help you toast in style.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Two decades of unhealthy eating had made Alison obese, diabetic and unhappy. She came to Nuffield Health desperate for a solution that might finally work. This is her story.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Gerry lost her way after suffering post natal depression. Now at 41 she’s found herself again through exercise and can’t wait to take on her next challenge.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

As a construction site manager, Tony is used to big projects - but his weight was something he just couldn’t bring under control. Until the Healthy Weight Programme gave him the health and happiness he was looking for.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Simon has transformed from an unhealthy and overweight Corporate Insurance Advisor to a triathlete and coach following a Nuffield Health Assessment that revealed startling results.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Despite feeling healthy Sam's first Health MOT revealed worrying results. But her journey to a healthier life delivered some unexpected benefits.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Jonny was 40 years old and lacked confidence. He had been carrying extra weight for most of his life. He hadn't had a girlfriend in years and was beginning to feel like he would be left behind as he watched his friends meet people and pair off one by one. Eventually he decided enough was enough.

Updated: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Self-proclaimed ‘Jiving John’ has always enjoyed keeping fit, attending rock ‘n’ roll, jive and ballroom dances with his wife for over 17 years. But in his sixtieth year, John says he started to feel ‘uncomfortable’.

Updated: Thursday 12 December 2019

You’ve taken control of your health and wellbeing and joined the gym, so why the worry? Senior Wellbeing Personal Trainer, Graham Morland, tackles gym first-timer anxieties head on.