The popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes has continued to soar in recent years. These smoking cessation aids contain a blend of nicotine and flavouring and lack several of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. Despite the assumption that these devices are healthier than smoking, a lot of the health risks associated with them haven't been fully explored.

Updated: Tuesday 21 May 2024

Published: Tuesday 21 May 2024

If you’re wondering what a healthy cholesterol reading looks like, you’re not alone. Continue with Dr Unnati Desai to find out what your levels mean and what changes you can make to avoid a potentially problematic cholesterol reading.

Updated: Thursday 2 May 2024

Published: Tuesday 22 November 2016

Caregivers play a huge role in providing ongoing care. However, to be consistently engaged and motivated, it’s important to understand your own limitations as a carer and accept that there will be rewarding moments and times where you feel overwhelmed.

Updated: Thursday 4 April 2024

Published: Wednesday 3 April 2024

Later this year, Roy will celebrate his 80th birthday. He is grateful for the life he has lived and his good health. It came as a shock to Roy when minor symptoms resulted in a diagnosis that he would need to undergo open-heart surgery to correct an aortic aneurysm just above his heart.

Updated: Tuesday 2 April 2024

Published: Tuesday 2 April 2024

Maria had always been an active person, from regularly attending spin classes to playing golf. However, earlier this year Maria was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF), an abnormal heart rhythm. Maria reflects on her journey following cardiac ablation, a procedure to correct the abnormal heart rhythm.

Updated: Wednesday 14 February 2024

Published: Wednesday 17 January 2024

In National Heart Month, Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity, has announced new positive health outcomes for people using its cardiac rehabilitation programme

Updated: Tuesday 13 February 2024

Published: Tuesday 13 February 2024

This National Heart Health Month, Nuffield Health Physiotherapy Manager and Cardiac Rehabilitation Lead, Helen Alexander, shares five lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your heart health.

Updated: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Published: Thursday 2 February 2023

Heart-related issues can impact people from all walks of life. In the UK, more than 7 million people grapple with heart and circulatory conditions, and these diseases are responsible for nearly 170,000 deaths. Dr Bhavik Modi, a Consultant Cardiologist at the Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital, delves into the workings of the heart and highlights common warning signs you should look out for.

Updated: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Published: Friday 27 October 2023

Heart disease is commonly thought to be a men’s health problem. But this is your issue too. Here's eight simple steps to help women protect themselves.

Updated: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Published: Tuesday 15 September 2015

Heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer, but you have the power to significantly reduce your chances of developing it.

Updated: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Published: Friday 11 September 2015

What you eat can have a huge impact on the health of your cardiovascular system, so take control your risk of heart disease by making smart food choices.

Updated: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Published: Thursday 27 August 2015

Whilst the public health focus of 2020 has understandably been the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember that there are over 7 million people living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK, and almost 170,000 deaths as a result of the diseases – around 1 in 4 of all UK deaths. Approximately a quarter (44,000) of these deaths are premature, which is enough to fill most premier league football stadiums. However, if you age well you can mitigate much of your risk.

Updated: Tuesday 2 January 2024

Published: Thursday 24 September 2020

While enjoying a friend’s stag do in Florida, Jason was admitted to hospital following a heart attack, aged 34. 21 years later, with three stents and open-heart bypass surgery, Jason explains how Nuffield Health’s connected healthcare services have supported his return to health.

Updated: Thursday 28 September 2023

Published: Thursday 28 September 2023

From strengthening your muscles to relieving stress, yoga can improve both your physical and mental health. Yoga instructor Sam Graham dives into the research to bring you the science-backed benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Updated: Friday 18 August 2023

Published: Friday 18 August 2023

Need motivation to get off the couch? Nuffield Health’s Head of Fitness, Chris Foster, gives six no nonsense reasons why you should get active, now.

Updated: Friday 28 April 2023

Published: Monday 7 September 2015

Struggling to find the motivation to get or stay fit? Fitness says more about your future health than you may think. All you have to do is listen to your heart.

Updated: Friday 28 April 2023

Published: Friday 20 May 2016

Not sure what to make of your blood pressure? Here’s how the numbers work.

Updated: Tuesday 28 March 2023

Published: Friday 18 November 2016

Your heart holds the secret to your stress levels. Nuffield Health's Head of Clinical Wellbeing explains why, and how you can use heart rate variability to combat the effects of stress.

Updated: Friday 7 October 2022

Published: Tuesday 23 June 2015

It’s estimated sleep apnoea goes undiagnosed in as many as 5% of adults in the UK. The difficulty of course, is it only happens while you sleep. Here are six signs to wake up to.

Updated: Tuesday 7 June 2022

Published: Friday 29 July 2016

MRI scans are among the safest medical procedures available yet some patients dread the experience. Here's our top tips for how to stay calm and get your scan.

Updated: Tuesday 7 June 2022

Published: Friday 15 January 2016