A good lunch will fill you up and provide all the energy and nutrients you need to last until dinner time. Our mix and match guide will help you create delicious and healthy lunches.

Updated: Monday 24 January 2022

Published: Tuesday 27 November 2018

You'll be amazed by how simple it is to make your own vitamin D mask at home.

Updated: Tuesday 14 December 2021

Published: Tuesday 5 April 2016

The past 18 months have been immensely challenging. The stress of the pandemic and being confined to our homes has understandably resulted in some unhealthy habits. Prevention Lead Gosia Bowling and Head of Emotional Wellbeing Brendan Street discuss how we can get fitter and healthier, from exercising more to having a better sleep routine.

Updated: Friday 17 September 2021

Published: Wednesday 28 April 2021

If you struggle with high blood pressure, subtle changes to your diet can help improve your situation alongside the advice given to you by your GP.

Updated: Wednesday 28 July 2021

Published: Wednesday 30 March 2016

Brendan Street, our Professional Head of Emotional Wellbeing, provides some insight into why we may eat emotionally and provides some tactics to helps us limit it.

Updated: Thursday 22 July 2021

Published: Tuesday 17 January 2017

Our rhubarb crumble is simple to make, and rhubarb provides a good source of fibre and contains vitamin C and calcium.

Updated: Wednesday 30 June 2021

Published: Monday 7 September 2015

The sun is shining, the beach is beckoning and you are teeming with excitement at the thought of taking a well-earned break. But leaving everyday life behind doesn’t mean you have to abandon a healthy lifestyle.

Updated: Wednesday 30 June 2021

Published: Wednesday 8 July 2015

When considering our nutrition there may be a temptation to jump into a ‘new’ diet or revamp our eating habits all at once! Studies continue to show that although this might show success in the short term this doesn’t provide sustainable change. In this article Steph Weekes, Registered Nutritional Therapist, outlines some key points to take on board when setting goals and wanting to make some changes to your nutrition.

Updated: Tuesday 22 June 2021

Published: Tuesday 22 June 2021

For a single ingredient, turmeric spice manages to pack a major health punch. Here are some of the benefits it can have on your body.

Updated: Monday 14 June 2021

Published: Friday 8 July 2016

Living the busy lives that we do it can be hard to keep track of the food that we eat. Snacking is a quick fix for when we’re on the go and can be a good way to maintain our blood sugar levels, but it can also lead to unhealthy eating and weight gain.

Updated: Tuesday 11 May 2021

Published: Wednesday 27 May 2015

Life is hectic. We work hard, we play hard, we work hard again…it can be exhausting. And it can also be difficult to fit in the exercise, nutrition and ‘head space’ that we need to live healthy, productive lives.

Updated: Thursday 29 April 2021

Published: Friday 19 June 2015

Your diet could be having an effect on your skin's condition. Find out how adapting your diet could help relieve your symptoms of eczema.

Updated: Tuesday 30 March 2021

Published: Thursday 18 February 2016

Stress can take its toll on your body over time and one way it does this is by depleting your body’s stores of nutrients. Don’t let stress beat you – find out what you need to do to get back on form.

Updated: Wednesday 24 February 2021

Published: Tuesday 24 May 2016

Nuffield Health Nutritional Therapist Joanne Hart provides a food training programme to help you improve your performance throughout your marathon training and on the big day.

Updated: Tuesday 16 February 2021

Published: Friday 4 December 2015

Natalie battled eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia for over a decade. Now. Nuffield Health's former Professional Head of Nutrition tells us how her experience has helped her to support others.

Updated: Tuesday 16 February 2021

Published: Thursday 13 August 2015

As a construction site manager, Tony is used to big projects - but his weight was something he just couldn’t bring under control. Until the Healthy Weight Programme gave him the health and happiness he was looking for.

Updated: Tuesday 16 February 2021

Published: Tuesday 1 September 2015

A tasty alternative to Moroccan Lamb Tagine, using gluten free quinoa instead of couscous, with a nutritional focus on keeping a healthy back.

Updated: Tuesday 16 February 2021

Published: Wednesday 2 September 2015

Going alcohol-free doesn't have to mean drinking endless orange juice or water. Mary Cotter's mocktail recipes will help you toast in style.

Updated: Tuesday 15 December 2020

Published: Monday 9 November 2015

Follow these tips for building a healthy immune system to help fight infection.

Updated: Tuesday 20 October 2020

Published: Monday 19 October 2015

Going to the gym isn’t all about bulking up or slimming down, it can also be a place to meet new people, relax or have fun. Here’s our list of 10 things you can do at the gym, other than pump iron.

Updated: Wednesday 16 September 2020

Published: Wednesday 30 December 2016