When it comes to diet and nutrition, separating fact from fiction can be tricky. With so much information out there, making the right choices for you and your family can seem impossible. Thankfully, there are a few core principles that never change.

Updated: Monday 31 July 2023

Published: Monday 31 July 2023

Going alcohol-free doesn't have to mean drinking endless orange juice or water. Mary Cotter's mocktail recipes will help you toast in style.

Updated: Friday 28 April 2023

Published: Monday 9 November 2015

Going to the gym shouldn't just be about working out, it can also be a place to meet new people, relax or have fun. Here, we run through our top things you can do to make the best of your gym membership.

Updated: Thursday 6 April 2023

Published: Wednesday 30 December 2016

High blood pressure and cholesterol levels are a clear and present danger to your heart health. But there’s a super food that can turn the tide.

Updated: Tuesday 28 March 2023

Published: Wednesday 30 November 2016

Food is an energy source. Used well, it will maintain a steady energy level throughout the day, used badly and your energy levels will peak and trough, along with your ability to function properly. Our expert tips will help you get the most out of your diet to feel great every day.

Updated: Tuesday 28 March 2023

Published: Tuesday 24 May 2016

If you struggle with high blood pressure, it might feel like the things you shouldn’t eat outnumber the ones you should. These quick tips will help you to make good choices when hunger strikes.

Updated: Tuesday 28 March 2023

Published: Wednesday 1 February 2017

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the UK's single biggest killer. Although it can affect anyone, South Asian individuals are 50% more likely to die prematurely from CHD. Physiology Regional Lead Rebecca Scott explains how these diets can be improved.

Updated: Tuesday 28 March 2023

Published: Friday 16 December 2022

Putting the right things in and taking the wrong things out of your diet can be difficult. This guide can help you make the right choices if you have high blood pressure.

Updated: Tuesday 28 March 2023

Published: Friday 27 January 2017

Getting the right nutrition during the menopause can help in a number of ways. Research shows that there are also particular vitamins and minerals to pay extra attention to, to both support your health and alleviate symptoms of the menopause.

Updated: Tuesday 7 March 2023

Published: Friday 24 February 2023

Want to live a healthier lifestyle? But struggle to find the time or motivation to eat better and stay active. Our experts share 20 simple hacks you can build into your daily routine to help improve your diet and get you moving.

Updated: Friday 27 January 2023

Published: Friday 19 June 2015

Eating healthy foods can help you recover and reduce your risk of heart problems – but it can also seem expensive. However, with a little planning and know how, it's possible to eat very well on a budget. Health and Wellbeing Physiologist Michelle Bailey provides some tips and tricks to help you keep your food bill low and your diet healthy.

Updated: Tuesday 10 January 2023

Published: Friday 23 December 2022

After a workout, food can help you to repair, refuel and recover.

Updated: Wednesday 21 December 2022

Published: Wednesday 11 September 2019

Holidays can be stressful when you're out of your normal eating routine and so many activities revolve around food. Jeanette Lamb provides some tips for eating more mindfully this Christmas.

Updated: Wednesday 21 December 2022

Published: Monday 11 April 2022

The past 18 months have been immensely challenging. The stress of the pandemic and being confined to our homes has understandably resulted in some unhealthy habits. Prevention Lead Gosia Bowling and Head of Emotional Wellbeing Brendan Street discuss how we can get fitter and healthier, from exercising more to having a better sleep routine.

Updated: Friday 7 October 2022

Published: Wednesday 28 April 2021

Nuffield Health Nutritional Therapist Joanne Hart provides a food training programme to help you improve your performance throughout your marathon training and on the big day.

Updated: Wednesday 21 September 2022

Published: Friday 4 December 2015

What you eat before a workout can make a big difference to your performance and results.

Updated: Tuesday 20 September 2022

Published: Wednesday 11 September 2019

That time of the month? Nutritional Therapist Lisa Holmes explains how eating well can help beat those PMS blues.

Updated: Tuesday 20 September 2022

Published: Friday 6 May 2016

Stress can take its toll on your body over time and one way it does this is by depleting your body’s stores of nutrients. Don’t let stress beat you – find out what you need to do to get back on form.

Updated: Tuesday 20 September 2022

Published: Tuesday 24 May 2016

We need to regularly replace calcium in our bodies to keep our bones and teeth strong, but it's not just milk that can boost your calcium levels. Here's our guide to some of the more surprising calcium-packed foods.

Updated: Tuesday 20 September 2022

Published: Monday 22 June 2015

Why do we need protein? How can we be sure we’re eating enough of the right kinds? Nuffield Health Nutritional Therapist Tracey Strudwick explains.

Updated: Tuesday 20 September 2022

Published: Thursday 2 March 2017