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At Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital in Yorkshire, we offer a knee replacement all-inclusive care package. This includes everything from your initial consultation through to knee surgery and aftercare.

Why choose Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital for my knee replacement surgery?

At Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital, we take a holistic, individual approach to looking after our patients. Following your knee replacement surgery, you'll have access to a qualified physiotherapist in hospital or at your local Nuffield Health gym. Your orthopaedic consultant will support and guide you from day one, overseeing your full recovery and rehabilitation.

Private patients can use your car service to collect and drop you off after surgery. While in hospital, you'll stay in one of our relaxing private rooms with en-suite facilities. If you are suffering from pain and think a knee replacement could be the answer, please contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced consultants.

We now perform robot assisted partial knee replacement surgery at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital, our latest innovation in orthopaedic care.

Why do I need knee replacement surgery?

Over time, the surfaces on the knee joint can start to wear. This can be caused by arthritis or a previous injury to the knee. Arthritis is painful as joints become stiff and inflamed when the smooth lining between the joints gets damaged or wears away. Without the protection of this lining, the rough surfaces of your bones rub together as you move, causing the pain that is all too common to sufferers.

Simple everyday tasks such as going for a walk or even getting dressed can become difficult. There’s no cure for arthritis and it can get worse with time. However joints can be replaced successfully, improving mobility and reducing pain.

A knee replacement is a procedure to remove your damaged knee joint and replace it with an artificial one. This prosthesis can be made out of metal or plastic. Following your surgery your knee should be much less painful and the joint should move much more smoothly.

New advances in technology offer a greater range of implant types and sizes. Your orthopaedic surgeon in Leeds will choose the implant that best fits your body size and lifestyle. In some cases a CT scan or MRI scan of your knee may be used to create special guides that will help your surgeon accurately fit your prosthesis.

Paying for your knee replacement at our Leeds Hospital

Did you know that at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital you can pay for your knee replacement procedure yourself, rather than waiting for treatment on the NHS? Find out more about paying for yourself >

What happens during knee replacement surgery?

  • A knee replacement is performed under general anaesthetic
  • During the surgery your existing knee joint is replaced with a new prosthetic knee joint
  • The procedure generally takes between 1 - 2 hours
  • Your orthopaedic surgeon will make an incision at the front of your knee where the replacement joint will be inserted
  • Usually, you will stay in hospital for 2 - 4  days, but you may have to stay longer if necessary.

After knee surgery

  • Once the operation is over, you’ll be taken to recovery where you will wake from the anaesthetic
  • Your wound, blood pressure and pulse will be monitored carefully
  • You will have a large dressing covering your wound
  • You may have a small tube coming out of your wound - this is to drain away any excess fluid from the inside of the wound
  • You may also have a drip (infusion) going into your arm
  • The drip will keep you hydrated until you are able to drink and can also be used to give you pain relief
  • When you are stable and comfortable, a nurse will take you back to your private room.

Standing up for the first time

  • We understand that you may be worried about standing up for the first time after surgery, but we will do all we can to help and reassure you
  • A member of our hospital team will be there to help you, whenever you feel ready
  • The reason for getting you moving is to improve your circulation and avoid stiffness
  • You may be feeling tender, but you can get pain relief medication to deal with any discomfort – just ask one of the nurses if you have any discomfort
  • Once out of bed, you will continue to wear support stockings to help circulation
  • Our physiotherapists will work with you during your stay to help give you the best start with your new knee.

Going home after a knee replacement

  • Before you're dischargeda you will have an X-ray of your new knee to check its position
  • A physiotherapist will give you some exercises to help get your new knee moving
  • Exercise is important to help you make a good recovery
  • A physiotherapist will also show you how to walk up and down stairs and make sure you are confident at doing this before you go home
  • You won’t be able to drive, so you will need someone to pick you up from hospital. Alternatively you could use our executive car service
  • When you go home, you may need some help with household chores
  • It’s a good idea to arrange for someone to stay with you - or at least look in on you daily for at least a week after surgery

Recovery and follow-up

  • It’s usual to return to see your consultant as an outpatient after your operation
  • You may need to have stitches removed from your wound
  • You’ll be given information about these appointments before you are discharged
  • We’ll also give you some pain relief medication to take home
  • When you get home you will be tired for several weeks and should rest
  • However, it’s also important to aim to gradually increase your physical activity each day, so you should continue with the exercises the physiotherapist showed you
  • These will help to reduce stiffness and strengthen your leg
  • You will need to keep using crutches or a walking stick for a while
  • To help you manage and increase mobility it’s recommended that you take any pain relief medication we have prescribed
  • Continue taking this until you are pain free
  • So you don’t damage your new knee and to help your wound heal, you should use the shower instead of the bath
  • Keep wearing your support stockings - you may have to do so for 4 - 6 weeks.

Getting back to normal

  • Every patient heals at a different rate
  • You will continue to improve over the next 6 to 12 months
  • Your scar should fade to a thin white line
  • Depending on what type of job you do, you should be able to return to work within 12 weeks
  • You may want to think about a phased return to work
  • After your follow-up visit with your surgeon you should be allowed to drive, but only if you can comfortably operate the pedals and control your car in all situations
  • If you are in any doubt about your car insurance cover, it’s best to contact your insurance company.

Most patients make a full recovery and return to normal activities following knee replacement surgery. However as with any surgery there is a small chance of complications, which could include:

  • Numbness on the outside of the knee caused by a nerve being cut during surgery
  • Stiffness - there may need to be further, minor surgery to improve this
  • Pain when kneeling
  • Bleeding around the joint - this usually settles but may need to be drained by a surgeon
  • Fluid build-up around the joint
  • Rejection of the prosthesis
  • Infection in the joint.
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Knee Replacement Fees
Initial consultation from £200
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Treatment £12,620
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Main treatment Included
Post-discharge care Included
Pre-assessment, Main treatment and Post-discharge care £12,620
Guide price £12,820
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