Our feet have to take enormous strain. Each day they withstand hundreds of tons of pressure. They carry us over 60,000 miles in the average lifetime. 

Studies have shown that 89% of elderly people need some form of treatment and 91% of school children have problems with their shoes or feet.
Chiropodists specialise in treating a wide variety of conditions associated with feet including corns, ingrown toenails and verrucae.
Podiatrists specialise in biomechanical and structural problems including, custom orthotic insoles, gait analysis, sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems, overuse injuries, structural assessment, training advice and muscle assessment. 
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Preventive care

Many foot problems can be prevented by regular visits to a chiropodist or podiatrist, and potentially painful conditions can be diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages avoiding unnecessary suffering. A great deal can be done to improve comfort, relieve pain and maintain mobility.
Caring for your feet should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth, and should include keeping your feet clean, free from infection and checking for any signs of change.

Chiropodists/Podiatrists treat:

  • Removal of corns and calluses
  • Treatment of verrucas
  • Nail surgery (e.g. ingrown toenails)
  • Treatment of athlete's foot and nail infections
  • Diabetes can inhibit the circulation and dull sensations in the feet, reducing awareness of pain and injury and possibly leading to ulceration
  • Many foot problems originate in childhood. Regular check-ups at an early age are a sound investment for the future
  • Treatment of bunions
  • Treatment of chilblains

What happens when I come for treatment?

A chiropodist/podiatrist will usually take a full medical history, perform a careful examination of your feet and assess any treatment required. In many cases, treatment will commence during the first consultation. Follow-up appointments will be arranged as required. Foot specialists liaise with other medical specialists including physiotherapists, chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons or even dentists. If the chiropodist/podiatrist identifies any problems that may require a second opinion, you may be referred back to your GP.

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