Nutrition is one of the hardest elements of your ongoing health to get right. See Nuffield Health's expert articles giving you advice on making the right lifestyle decisions, and sticking with them.

Managing musculoskeletal pain without painkillers

Everyone has different pain tolerance levels, but if you're experiencing mild musculoskeletal pain, try practicing these natural techniques to improve how your body copes, without using painkillers.

20 life hacks to turn your health around

We asked our experts for some quick and easy life hacks to help turn your health around.

5 eating tips to help lower blood pressure

If you struggle with high blood pressure, small changes to your diet can make a big difference, alongside the advice given to you by your GP. Conor Duncan, Senior Physiologist, explains some simple ways you can lower your blood pressure.

BMI calculator: what do your results mean?

Learn how to calculate your BMI and analyse the results.

6 ways to avoid catching the cold

The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter. As we head into winter we’re all at a greater risk of catching colds or the flu, but there’s lots you can do to boost your immune system to help avoid the misery.

The CBT formula for good sleep

These cognitive behavioural therapy techniques retrain your body and mind to sleep well at night. Brendan Street explains the basic formula.

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How to detect and reduce one's risk of developing cardiovascular disease.