Stress is the by-product of stressor triggers (e.g. an argument, an irritating encounter, an accident), which your body identifies and triggers a surge in hormones to help you deal with the pressure until you feel more comfortable - if the stress remains the hormone levels remain high. This can lead to anxiety, moodiness and irritability, sleeping problems, weight gain or loss of appetite, irrational behaviour or decision making, and physical illness such as sickness, headaches and muscle pain.

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Walking. Shoes on pavement.

Strategies for stress: walking it off

It might sound too simple to be true, but you can walk off stress. Here’s how it works.

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Men talking on the stairs

Strategies for stress: talking about it

When it comes to stress, many people overlook the simple strategy of talking. Here’s how it can help you to reduce stress and improve your health and wellbeing.

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