7 ways bringing a buddy can improve your fitness classes

Bringing a gym buddy to classes can help you keep on track with your fitness goals. Here’s how.

Classes provide a routine and workout structure that can be difficult to maintain on your own. But working out with strangers is very different from working out with someone you already know.

Bringing a friend to classes means you’ll have all the benefits of a class, plus the additional support of your gym buddy. Here’s a few reasons why having a dedicated gym buddy can help you get even more out of your classes:

1. Motivation
We all have days when we want to switch off the alarm clock and roll over, but the peer pressure of not wanting to let your buddy down can encourage you to get up and go. Once in the class, seeing your friend work hard will make you work harder too.

2. Moral support
For some, classes can feel intimidating, especially if you’ve not attended them before. Taking someone you know can help ease you into the class and build your confidence.

3. Never without a partner
Some classes will require you to partner up for certain exercises. Taking your own gym buddy helps to avoid those awkward 'gym class moments' and means you’ll never have to join the instructor to demonstrate the exercise.

4. Your own spotter
While the instructor will always keep an eye on the form of participants, it can help to have an extra set of eyes to keep watch. Taking a partner to classes means you can look out for each other to ensure you’re performing the exercises to the best of your abilities and getting the most from your workout.

5. Fun
Your friends know you and your sense of humour better than anyone. Exercise should be fun, and doing it with friends is the surest way to make fun happen.

6. Combining skills
We all have different strengths, but we’re stronger together. If coordination isn’t your forte, so what?! Your friend will be there to pick up the slack, and everything will feel less embarrassing with your friend there to back you up.

7. Training teamwork
If you and a friend have entered the same sporting event, joining a fitness class together can be a useful inclusion in your training because classes offer structured workouts to target your specific goals. Doing classes together means you’ll be able to keep track of each other’s progress and ensure neither is falling behind.

Last updated Tuesday 11 September 2018

First published on Tuesday 7 August 2018