We value our specialist team because of the dedication they have put into building an excellent reputation for our Oxford Hospital. Our building was carefully designed not only by the architects' expertise, but through active thoughts and ideas from the staff themselves. This helped produce an improved patient journey and better overall service.

Professor Adrian Banning

Professor Banning, Consultant in interventional and general cardiology, is one of the founder members of the Oxford Private Heart and Lung Centre. He is one of the UK’s top interventional cardiologists, performing more than 400 intervention procedures every year.

Dr Timothy Betts

Dr Betts is a Consultant in Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology at the Oxford Private Heart and Lung Centre. He also works at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

“I do hundreds of procedures every year in my work here and at the John Radcliffe Hospital, a 10 minute walk away.” Dr Betts points out. “We have an excellent team that work at both sites, so there is good collaboration and sharing of skills,  resources and expertise between the two hospitals. This can only be beneficial to the patients. Being on the ‘doorstep’ of the John Radcliffe, a world-renowned centre of clinical excellence, means we are able to offer patients emerging therapies that other private hospitals are not able to do."

Miss Elizabeth Belcher

Miss Belcher, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, provides diagnostic procedures and minimally invasive treatments for patients with a wide range of conditions. Miss Belcher, is also an NHS post as a consultant thoracic surgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

“We have the skills and expertise here to offer minimally invasive surgery, which minimises pain, reduces hospital stay, speeds recovery and enables patients to progress more quickly. Oxford is dedicated to offering as many patients as possible surgery to treat their lung cancer. Surgery is the main hope of cure for such patients. We offer second opinions to patients with complex presentations of lung cancer.“

Mr George Krasopoulos

Mr Krasopoulos, has been a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon since 2008. He joined the Oxford Private Heart and Lung Centre in July 2013, shortly after he took up his post as consultant cardiac surgeon at Oxford Heart Centre at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford’s University teaching hospital.Mr Krasopoulos performs a range of procedures for heart problems including, coronary artery disease and arrhythmia (abnormal beating rhythm of the heart).

"I believe in providing excellent surgical and medical treatment and work with my colleagues to achieve this together with the highest standard of patient safety, dignity and respect.”

Dr Kim Rajappan

Dr Rajappan is a Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist. He has particular expertise in managing heart arrhythmias – electrical disorders of the heart’s beating rhythm and has several awards for his work in this field. He is co-author of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Catheter Ablation, one of the main textbooks for training junior doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of rhythm disorders of the heart.

Dr Rajappan was appointed Consultant Cardiologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in 2007.

“I don’t think any other private hospital in the country has the breadth of service we offer. It’s very unusual for a private hospital to offer complex cardiology and cardiac surgery, done to the same high standard and safety as you get in a leading NHS teaching hospital such as the John Radcliffe.”

Mr Mario Petrou

Mr Petrou began his practice at the Oxford Private Heart and Lung Centre in April 2012. At around the same time he took up an NHS post as consultant cardiac surgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

Mr Petrou had previously been a consultant cardiac surgeon at the Royal Brompton, working with Professor John Pepper who helped develop the world’s first personalised external aortic root support device (PEARS). This was designed by a patient, Tal Golesworthy, who has the disorder Marfan syndrome, a genetic disease that makes parts of the body stretch, when placed under any stress.This device helps strengthen the aorta. Mr Petrou has personally performed one third of all the PEARS procedures performed worldwide to date.

Dr Nik Sabharwal

Dr Sabharwal is a Consultant Cardiologist with a sub-specialty interest in cardiovascular imaging (echocardiography, nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT). Cardiovascular imaging plays an essential role in the successful diagnosis and subsequent treatment of a wide range of heart disorders, including coronary artery disease, valve disease and heart failure.

Dr Sabharwal is also head of the Nuclear Cardiology Department at the John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford. He and another cardiology consultant perform nuclear cardiology tests on over 2000 patients every year.

He described the Oxford Private Heart and Lung Centre as “a lovely working environment, with well structured services, good equipment, and where everything is processed very quickly.

Professor Stephen Westaby

Professor Steve Westaby, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, is one of the UK’s leading heart surgeon and a pioneer of new surgical approaches for advanced heart failure.

In his NHS work he developed the cardiac surgery unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford and has performed more than 11,000 open heart operations in adults and children.  His work came to international attention in June 2000 when he implanted the first permanent artificial heart, the Jarvik 2000, in a patient who became the longest survivor with the device. Professor Westaby’s innovative work as a cardiac surgeon was celebrated in 2004 when he featured in the BBC series Your Life in Their Hands.

“When I came to Oxford all the patients went to London for heart surgery; after I came, no patient went to London”, he said.“I developed the service over 10 years from less than 100 cases per year to over 1600.”

Professor Keith Channon

Professor Keith Channon Professor Channon’s special interests include diagnosis, investigation and treatment of angina and coronary artery disease, including risk assessments for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

He performs cardiac catheterisation, coronary angiography and coronary intervention with angioplasty and stenting, including patients who may need or have previously undergone cardiac surgery.

Dr Matthew Ginks

Dr Matthew Ginks Dr Ginks has special interest in the management (including catheter ablation) of cardiac arrhythmias, in particular supraventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.

He also performs implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators (including cardiac resynchronization therapy).

Dr Joanna D'Arcy

Dr Joanna D'Arcy Dr d'Arcy had extensive training in the Oxford region, including training in all aspects of general cardiology, as well as sub-specialty training in echocardiography (transthoracic, stress, and trans-oesophageal echo), cardiac magnetic resonance, and cardiac CT.

She also trained in Aviation Medicine, having completed the Diploma in Aviation Medicine, with specialist experience in aviation cardiology.

Dr Andrew Kelion

Dr Andrew Kelion qualified as a doctor from Oxford in 1991, where he later trained in cardiology and gained his doctorate for research using nuclear imaging in coronary disease. He was Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Imaging at Harefield Hospital for 11 years before returning to a consultant post at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

"The new Aquilion One CT scanner at the Manor is at the cutting-edge of heart imaging and a pleasure to use. It provides excellent images of the coronary arteries in a fraction of a single heart-beat, with very low radiation exposure. A normal scan essentially excludes coronary disease, providing a high level of reassurance for both patients and their doctors."

Professor Paul Leeson, Cardiologist

Professor Leeson is a Consultant in Cardiology at the Oxford Private Heart and Lung Centre. As well as seeing patients with a range of cardiology problems, he has specialist expertise in the management of high blood pressure. He is one of the Lead Consultants in the Specialist Hypertension Clinic at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

He also performs imaging studies, in particular, echocardiography and stress echocardiography, to assess and manage heart diseases.

Professor Leeson comments ‘The combination of outstanding facilities with specialist expertise makes the Manor Hospital an excellent environment to work and care for patients with heart problems’.