How to build a healthy breakfast

Having a good breakfast is the best start to any day, but it can be difficult to know what foods will give you the lasting energy you need. Our mix and match guide will help you create delicious and healthy breakfasts.

To create a balanced breakfast you should look to comprise a plate of half fruit and/or vegetables, a quarter good quality protein and a quarter complex carbohydrate.

Balancing your plate in this way will give you all of the energy, vitamins and sustenance you need until lunchtime. Protein will leave you feeling fuller for longer, while carbohydrates will boost your energy levels. Fruit and vegetables will provide the additional nutrients to help your brain function well throughout the morning.

Mix and match breakfasts

Mix and match one of each of these ingredients to build your healthy breakfast, or swap in your own favourite healthy foods:

Proteins (25%): Milk, eggs, salmon, plain natural yogurt, black beans, hummus 
Carbohydrates (25%): Wholegrain bread, oats, quinoa, beans
Fruit and vegetables (50%): Avocado, tomatoes, spinach, berries.

Click the image below to view our Mix and Match Wheel:

With these ingredients you can make lots of great healthy breakfasts, here’s some examples… 

Smashed avocado on toast with sesame seeds and chilli flakes

  1. Remove the skin from half an avocado and smash in a bowl with some salt, pepper, ground cumin and a squeeze of lemon
  2. Lightly toast a slice of wholemeal bread and layer the smashed avocado on top
  3. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, lemon juice and chilli flakes for a fresh start to the day.

Spinach and black bean omelette

  1. Heat a non-stick pan and lightly mix two eggs in a jug with some light seasoning
  2. Once the pan is hot, add the spinach quickly followed by the eggs
  3. Allow to cook for one minute before adding the black beans and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese
  4. Serve when eggs are no longer runny for a filling and nutritious breakfast.

Yogurt porridge with berries

  1. Add around 200ml of water to a non-stick pan and add three tablespoons of oats
  2. Cook over a low heat until porridge thickens
  3. Take off the heat and stir in 150g of yogurt and your choice of ripe summer berries for a delicious creamy alternative porridge.

Weight loss tip

Why not give your metabolism an extra boost in the morning by starting the day with a cup of green tea, or adding cinnamon, chilli or almonds to your breakfast?

Last updated Tuesday 2 January 2024

First published on Tuesday 27 November 2018