5 ways classes can improve your fitness

Hayden Ward Hayden Ward Senior Wellbeing Personal Trainer
As a newcomer you may think they're scary, or as a hardened gym-goer that they're not challenging enough, but here are five reasons you should break out of your comfort zone and book into a class.

1. Variety

Let’s address that myth first: Classes aren’t an easy option, nor the terrifying challenge they may seem. In fact, they are hugely varied and you can choose a class to suit any time constraint, fitness level or goal.

Mind and body classes like Pilates and Yoga help to improve mobility, strength and your mental wellbeing. Aerobic classes such as Zumba and BODYATTACK primarily improve your cardiovascular fitness. Targeted resistance classes such as BODYPUMP and ViPR help to build strength and muscle, while high intensity and interval-based classes like GRIT build stamina.

Lasting anything from 30 minutes to an hour, there is a class to suit your needs and your time constraints. You can perform classes back to back or mix and match throughout the week to address more areas of your wellbeing and provide a greater challenge.

2. Structure

Classes are structured in a way that maximises safety and targets specific areas of fitness. With a warm up, a main workout and a cooldown you get everything you need all under supervision, to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit of the exercises. The routine will usually change every three to four months ensuring you continue to be challenged and push your fitness higher.

3. Motivation

Human psychology has proven that we all work harder when we are in a group. We don’t want to lose face, and we don’t want to let the side down, so we push ourselves harder. Having an instructor there to guide and encourage you to work is added motivation from start to finish.

4. Making fitness part of your lifestyle

Because classes are held at regular intervals they can easily become a part of your routine. They’re also a great place to meet people with the same goals. It’s not uncommon for class members to meet up socially for Club in Club activities or even outside of the gym as friends. Building fitness, keeping a routine and growing friendships within the gym is a great way to help fitness stick as part of your lifestyle.

5. Convenience

In classes you don’t have to wait for equipment to become free, you don’t have to think about what exercise to do next and you don’t have to wonder whether you’re doing an exercise correctly. You’re provided with all of the support you need without having to think. For busy people in particular, classes are the most convenient way to stay fit.

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Last updated Friday 6 July 2018

First published on Tuesday 18 October 2016