18 exercises to strengthen your joints

Exercise is crucial to building stronger joints, even if you already experience pain. Try these clinically approved exercises for people with joint pain.

It's tempting to give up on exercise when you experience pain in your joints.  After all, you don't want to make it feel worse. But exercise has been proven to support joint health by building and maintaining strength in the supportive tissues around your joints.

The following workout is clinically devised for use by people with joint pain. These six basic exercises each have a progression and a regression (18 exercises in total), to suit your individual level of fitness.

If you find a specific exercise increases your pain, you should find an alternative. A physiotherapist or personal trainer will be able to advise you on the best bespoke exercise plan for you. 

Not in the mood for a full workout? You can view and try any of the six main exercises below.

Exercise 1 - the Squat

Exercise 2 - the Seated Row

Exercise 3 - the Leg Extension

Exercise 4 - the Shoulder Press

Exercise 5 - the Step Up

Exercise 6 - the Stability Challenge



Last updated Friday 2 September 2022

First published on Wednesday 17 October 2018