Finding the motivation to exercise and change your lifestyle can be challenging. Discover how to reach your long-term fitness goals.

Updated: Wednesday 21 December 2022

Published: Monday 24 December 2018

Exercise is crucial to building stronger joints, even if you already experience pain. Try these clinically approved exercises for people with joint pain.

Updated: Friday 2 September 2022

Published: Wednesday 17 October 2018

Stephen MacConville, Fitness Lead for Flagship Programmes at Nuffield Health gives us his top tips on how the over 70s can stay active during self-isolation.

Updated: Monday 14 June 2021

Published: Friday 27 March 2020

Stephen Macconville, personal trainer and ex semi-professional rugby player, offers popular gym exercises to help you build strength, muscle, power and endurance.

Updated: Tuesday 5 November 2019

Published: Wednesday 18 September 2019