Areola reduction

The dark skin area around your nipples is called the areola. If you feel this area is too large you may be a candidate for areola reduction surgery.

Arm reduction (Brachioplasty)

Arm reduction and lift (Brachioplasty) is a form of body contouring (shaping). It is normally performed on patients with large amounts of loose or sagging skin on the upper arms.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Reshaping)

A blepharoplasty is an operation to tighten the skin and soft tissues of your eyelids. As you get older your skin becomes less elastic. Gravity pulls down on the skin and soft tissues of your eyelids.

Body contouring

Body contouring can improve the appearance of loose or sagging skin giving you smoother contours.

Breast augmentation (enlargement)

Breast augmentation involves inserting implants into “pockets” made behind the breasts to make them larger and a better shape.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat and skin from the breasts making them smaller, better shaped and more uplifted.

Breast uplift (mastopexy)

Breast uplift is cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and reshape your breasts.

Brow lift

A brow lift, or forehead lift, is an operation to smooth the area from your eye brows to your hairline. By repositioning soft tissue and skin of the brow and forehead, a brow lift freshens the appearance of the forehead, the brow and the area around the eyes.

Buttock lift

Buttock lift is a form of body contouring. It is normally performed on patients with large amounts of loose or sagging skin around the buttocks.


When you undergo breast reconstruction using an implant, your body forms a capsule that surrounds the implant. If the capsule contains muscle it can contract (called capsular contracture) causing the implant to rupture or deform your breast shape.

Chemical peel

A chemical peel is a non-surgical procedure to enhance your facial appearance including reducing the signs of ageing, decreasing mild scarring, age spots and freckles and improving the texture and colour of your face.

Chin reshaping (Genioplasty)

Genioplasty is a procedure to improve the shape or position of your chin. It is often performed along with other jaw surgery.

Craniofacial reconstruction

Craniofacial reconstruction is surgery to correct congenital abnormalities (such as cleft lip) or trauma to the skull, face and jaw. This surgery may also be necessary following tumour removal.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are injections to reduce and smooth signs of ageing and can give you a younger, healthier look. The treatment is very short with no recovery time, so we can schedule your treatment around your working day.

Ear pinning cosmetic surgery (Pinnaplasty)

Perhaps you are self conscious about the shape or size of your ears or how your ears stick out. A pinnaplasty will give your ears a more normal appearance.

Endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins

Varicose veins are enlarged, sometimes twisted veins that most often develop in the leg. There are a number of treatments for varicose veins. One method is endovenous laser treatment.

Eye lift

As we get older the skin around the eyes can stretch and sag.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

A facelift is an operation to tighten and lift skin and soft tissues. This will result in a tighter and smoother look and more youthful appearance.

Facial resurfacing

Laser resurfacing services are available that use the new generation of carbon dioxide lasers.

Fat transfer

As your grow older some areas of your body may flatten or lose volume. Fat transfer surfery is a viable method to enhance these areas.

Foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins

Foam sclerotherapy is a method of injecting solution to ultimately reduce and remove varicose veins

Gynaecomastia surgery (male breast reduction)

Gynaecomastia surgery is a cosmetic treatment to reduce the size of male breasts.

Inverted nipple surgery

A small percentage of women have inverted nipples.

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology provides fast, non-invasive hair removal.

Labial reduction (labiaplasty)

A labial reduction (or labiaplasty) is a surgical procedure to reduce the size or reshape the labia.

Laser hair removal

Lasers effectively treat unwanted hair on the face, neck, arms, legs, armpits and bikini line.

Lateral intercostal artery perforator (LICAP) Flap breast reconstruction

Lateral intercostal artery perforator (LICAP) flap breast reconstruction replaces lost breast tissue.


Sometimes, even regular exercise and strict dieting aren’t enough to get rid of excess fat. For those stubborn areas liposuction may be a solution.

Liposuction for lipoedema

Liposuction for lipoedema is a definitive treatment for lipoedema, a lipodystrophy condition. Liposuction removes the excess fat tissue that occurs in the leg and thigh.

Liposuction for lymphoedema

Liposuction for lymphoedema is a treatment for established lymphoedema where reconstructive microsurgical operations such as Lymphatico-Venular Anastomosis (LVA) or vascularised Lymph Node Transfer (VLNT) are not suitable.

Lymph node transfer

Vascularised Lymph Node Transfer (VLNT) is a operation for the treatment of lymphoedema. It is most commonly used in the setting of secondary lymphoedema, where swelling of the arm or leg has occurred after treatment for cancer (commonly involving either surgery and/or radiotherapy).

Mole removal

Moles are a form of pigmented lesion. Benign (non cancerous) lesions can simply be left alone. However if your mole bothers you in any way your consultant may recommend removal (excision).

Neck lift

Neck lifts can be used to address loose and saggy skin.

Non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening

New technology means some patients can receive both skin tightening and body sculpting using non-invasive, high frequency radio-frequency and ultrasound energy.

Otoplasty (ear correction / ear repositioning)

Ear Repositioning (Otoplasty) is a surgical procedure that is usually performed to move the ears into a more natural looking position closer to the head.

Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation for Varicose Veins

Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive procedure to eliminate your varicose veins.

Rhinoplasty (or nose reshaping)

Having nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) can give your nose a better-proportioned look and as a result improve your self-esteem. There could also be a medical reason for requiring rhinoplasty, such as a nasal blockage.

Tattoo removal

A laser can be used to remove tattoos.

Thigh lift

Thigh lift surgery is a form of body contouring. Excess skin and fat are removed from the thighs.

Thread vein treatment (sclerotherapy)

Thread veins can appear on any part of your body. They appear when small clusters of red veins form just beneath your skin.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of your abdomen (stomach). It may involve removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles.

Varicose vein stripping

Your veins carry blood to your heart. Valves in these veins restrict the blood flow to one direction. Valves that weaken or that don’t close correctly cause blood to pool (collect) in a vein. This is called a varicose vein.


The Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment is a new and innovative way of closing the main vein in the leg that causes varicose veins.