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Welcome to Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital. Rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, we are the only hospital in the area to achieve the highest award possible for delivering healthcare. Being recognised as a leading provider of private healthcare within the area, we attract over 300 of the region’s leading consultants. 

Alongside traditional services offered in a private hospital such as orthopaedic and cosmetic surgery, we specialise in complex surgery including cardiac, bariatric, spinal and neurosurgery. We are also the only private hospital in the region with a Critical Care Unit, providing one to one nursing for our cardiac patients and offers additional levels of support and reassurance for all surgical specialities.

We have 80 private en-suite bedrooms including a designated children’s ward. During your time with us, you will have access to complimentary wi-fi, our 7th floor restaurant with views across Leeds and our on-site coffee facilities. 

Nuffield Health is a not for profit organisation, meaning our profits do not go to shareholders, but instead are reinvested into patient care, equipment, facilities and training our staff. This means the level of investment we undertake is higher than many other private hospital operators. All of this is with the focus of ensuring outstanding clinical and patient experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our hospital: