Leeds Hospital awarded a National Joint Registry (NJR) Quality Data Provider.

NJR Quality Data Provider is achieved through consistent logging and monitoring of the success of our joint replacement operations carried out at our hospital. Find out how this data helpful for patients... Read more


Treating your sports injury with Shockwave Therapy at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital.

What is Shockwave Therapy? And how can it help your sports injury? We chat to Physiotherapy Outpatient Clinical Lead, Dan Garbutt...Read more

A Senior Physiotherapist's guide to avoiding common gardening injuries.

Senior Physiotherapist Emma Pollard from Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital shares her tips on keeping fit and well whilst enjoying attending to the garden...Read more


Leeds Hospital becomes the only provider in Yorkshire to achieve international aseptic technique accreditation.

Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital is just one of a handful of hospitals in the country to achieve silver accreditation for Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT®) from The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice (ASAP)...Read more

Six stone weight loss for Leeds patient - COVID-19 lifesaver.

54-year-old Samantha Taylor-Rose underwent weight loss surgery at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital, read about her journey returning to good health before the pandemic struck...Read more


Generous donation from patient, after life was 'transformed' following treatment.

Leeds Hospital patient Carol Taylor has kindly donated several artificial joint models which we frequently use in patient consultations to help explain procedures. Here's Carol's story on why she did this wonderful and generous donation...Read more

Returning to the gym on 12th April: How to Avoid Injury After Coronavirus Lockdown.

Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital's senior physiotherapists Emily Jackson and Daniel Gibson share their tips on how to get back into fitness and training at the gym avoiding injury...Read more 


Football player fighting fit thanks to multi-practitioner rehabilitation programme.

Semi-professional footballer for Scarborough Athletic, Isaac came to us last September for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. “I wanted to get back to playing again as soon as possible. But with lockdown, I could not get to a gym. I’m really grateful for the recovery programme offered by Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital... Read more


Transformative spinal surgery for 90-year-old during COVID-19 pandemic.

This fiercely independent 91-year old, Dorothy, is a keen dancer, travels on cruise holidays and goes to town every week. This suddenly came to a stop in 2019, after she developed severe back and leg pain, but after recent complex transformative spinal surgery, is now looking forward to all those things she put on hold... Read more


The six myths of pelvic health. 

Bladder, bowel and sexual health are still not topics everyone feels comfortable talking about which can lead to misinformation. Pelvic health specialist, Senior Physiotherapist Megan Campbell clarifies six of the most common myths about your pelvic floor... Read more


Returning to exercise following lockdown.

Read our guide from David Bown, physiotherapy assistant and qualified personal trainer at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital... Read more


Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital's first-three level complex anterior spinal reconstruction with outstanding results for Grandfather of five.

The relatively quick onset of sciatica meant 64-year-old grandfather of five John Cummings from  Addingham, Leeds, was experiencing shooting pains when walking with a poor posture... Read more


Rainforest Adventure is highlight of Assistant Head Teacher's journey back to fitness after hip replacement 

As featured in the Wakefield Express: At 40, Wakefield Girls’ High School assistant headteacher Joanna Rhodes was facing the prospect of not being able to tie her shoelaces for the rest of her life... Read more


Consultant Article: Beat the bloat and poor digestion 

With World IBS Day around the corner, Dietitian Nigel Denby provides his advice on tackling these key symptoms... Read more


Catering for patients' individual needs at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital  

We pride ourselves on having a varied and tasty menu during your stay with us, and our kitchen team strive to meet the individual needs of our patients too... Read more


Consultant article: Make 2020 the last time you make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

Since joining Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital in November 2019, Dietitian Nigel Denby is working with dozens of people to help them develop their own personally tailored weight loss and weight management plans... Read more


Harrogate teenager celebrates eventful year with 'spiniversary' and school prom.

A Harrogate teenager has described how her friends helped her recover from surgery to straighten her spine as she prepared to take her GCSEs – and how their end of year celebrations were extra special as they also marked her ‘spiniversary’... Read more


Consultant article: Men’s Health - the 8 principles you need to know.

Consultant Urologist Mr Oliver Kayes provides advice around healthier living and the options available for men with bothersome or worsening symptoms... Read more


Patient meals at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital

Good food is important for your recovery. Discover more about the types of meals you'll be enjoying during your stay as a patient at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital... Read more


Meet our self-pay team in Leeds

Our team can help you with any self-pay related enquiries regarding your private hospital treatment... Read more 


Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital is flying the flag for Yorkshire after ranking as the top private hospital outside London, according to a survey carried out by international magazine Newsweek and global market research and consumer data company Statista Inc... Read more


What is the paediatric service like at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital?

Take a look at our new video... Read more

June 2019

Patient Stories: Life truly begins at 40 after Leigh's life-changing knee surgery

Rheumatoid arthritis had left Leigh Foster, 39, from Middleton in Leeds with a painful right knee, permanently bent at a 45-degree angle which severely limited her activities... Read more

May 2019

Consultant article: Why your knee replacement isn’t a knee replacement 

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a huge leap forward in the success of knee replacement surgery. In the hands of specialist, experienced knee surgeons, more than 90% of patients enjoy pain-free (or virtually pain-free) knees, allowing them to return to an active life... Read more

Patient stories: Pioneering ankle surgery gets Katie fighting fit for a new career 

A quick jog to clear her head the night before a friend’s wedding turned out to be life-changing for super-fit professional engineer Katie Evans... Read more.

April 2019

Housekeeping team take their skills to the next level

When you think of a hospital, you often think of the nurses and surgeons who treat and look after patients. There are many unsung heroes however, one such group of people is our hardworking housekeeping team... Read more

Patient stories: Jeff free from ‘suicide disease’ thanks to specialist surgery

Hull-based Jeff suffered from a rare cranial nerve condition that left him unable to eat, talk or even brush his teeth without excruciating pain... Read more 

March 2019

We've reached 100 Mako robotic-assisted joint replacement operations!

This month Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital celebrates its 100th Mako robot-assisted joint replacement operation, by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Jon Conroy... Read more

Consultant article: Looking after your knees over the Spring & Summer months 

Now that spring is here we all desire to achieve new fitness goals. Running has become very popular as more and more people return to enjoy the great outdoors...Read more

Patient stories: Record recovery from hip surgery for Hockey World Cup medal winner

After an incident which sent her flying across a hockey pitch, Linda Skelton from York embarked on a journey back to fitness which saw her go from a hospital bed to a medal winners’ podium in just three months... Read more 

February 2019

Patient stories: Coblation tonsillectomy - a new lease of life for 7 year old Erin 

After two years of watching their daughter Erin, 7, struggle with repeated infection of the tonsils, her parents are relieved that their quest to find a solution to her discomfort and improve her quality of life was not in vain... Read more

Consultant article: Robotic-assisted joint replacement operations

Hear from our Leeds consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ajit Shetty on robotic-assisted surgery: hip and knee replacements, as featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post this month... Read more

January 2019

Consultant article: Sinus problems and treatments

It's the season! Hear from one of our Leeds consultant ENT surgeons Mr Sanjay Verma on all things sinuses including symptoms, conditions and treatments available... Read more

December 2018

Schools Wellbeing Activity Programme in Leeds 

swap is our new Schools Wellbeing Activity Programme, designed to empower students to improve their wellbeing. See what we've been up to in Leeds... Read more

Patient stories: Robotic-assisted surgery patient, 29-year-old Jimmy from Shipley

At the start of 2018 after five long years struggling with arthritic pain and unable to live the active lifestyle he loved, Jimmy made the decision to have the operation at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital after he heard about the Mako robot assisted surgery system in use there... Read more

Complimentary health eating guides

It can be a minefield when we need to look after ourselves more. These handy PDF guides give you the lowdown on managing blood sugar levels, cholesterol and how to build a healthy balanced meal... Read more

November 2018

Patient stories: 'Sessions on an anti-gravity treadmill helped get me back on my feet quickly'

This is Sarah. After a spinal injury at the start of the summer holidays, Sarah was left confined to a wheelchair... Read more

Men's Health this Movember - time to get checked out

As well as seeing all the comedic moustaches, Movember also helps bring into the limelight men's health issues that can get ignored... Read more

How does the AlterG treadmill help with rehabilitation?

A new piece of specialised equipment in our physiotherapy department: learn how our new treadmill with NASA technology can help with postoperative or injury recovery. Watch a video of a recent patient of ours now able to run for the first time in eight months... Read more

October 2018

Patient stories: From foot pain to mountain climb!

Evelyn found just everyday walking incredibly painful. That is until she met foot and ankle specialist, consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jason Eyre... Read more 

Patient stories: Nurse climbs Mount Etna thanks to specialist spinal surgery

After over 40 years of back pain, our 73-year-old Leeds staff nurse Linda Knowles is able to continue her busy hospital role thanks to the state of the art spinal surgery in Leeds... Read more 

September 2018

Introducing our specialist spinal nurse at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital

Rachel is our specialist spinal nurse here at The Centre for Spinal and Neurosurgery at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital. Being the only private hospital in the region that performs... Read more

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