December 2018

Complimentary health eating guides

It can be a minefield when we need to look after ourselves more. These handy PDF guides give you the lowdown on managing blood sugar levels, cholesterol and how to build a healthy balanced meal... Read more

November 2018

'Sessions on an anti-gravity treadmill helped get me back on my feet quickly'

This is Sarah. After a spinal injury at the start of the summer holidays, Sarah was left confined to a wheelchair... Read more

Men's Health this Movember - time to get checked out

As well as seeing all the comedic moustaches, Movember also helps bring into the limelight men's health issues that can get ignored... Read more

How does the AlterG treadmill help with rehabilitation?

A new piece of specialised equipment in our physiotherapy department: learn how our new treadmill with NASA technology can help with postoperative or injury recovery. Watch a video of a recent patient of ours now able to run for the first time in eight months... Read more

October 2018

Patient stories: From foot pain to mountain climb!

Evelyn found just everyday walking incredibly painful. That is until she met foot and ankle specialist, consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jason Eyre... Read more 

Patient stories: Nurse climbs Mount Etna thanks to specialist spinal surgery

After over 40 years of back pain, our 73-year-old Leeds staff nurse Linda Knowles is able to continue her busy hospital role thanks to the state of the art spinal surgery in Leeds... Read more 

September 2018

Introducing our specialist spinal nurse at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital

Rachel is our specialist spinal nurse here at The Centre for Spinal and Neurosurgery at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital. Being the only private hospital in the region that performs... Read more

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