Robotic Orthopaedic surgery – which robotic system do you choose?

You may have become aware of the launch of various robotic systems for orthopaedic surgery.  Unless you have a degree in Engineering to understand the technological differences between each one, how do you, as a patient, choose the right one for you?... Read more


How to condition your body for increasing sport and activity levels 

What's the best approach? Personal Trainer and Physiotherapy Assistant Dave Bown shares his tips....Read more


The six most common running injuries (and how to treat them) 

Sports & Exercise Medicine and Musculoskeletal Physician Dr Alastair Jones from the Sports Medicine and Injury Clinic talks to us about the most common running injuries and how to treat them... Read more


What’s the paediatric (childrens') service like at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital?

We’ve gathered our quarterly feedback from paediatric patients, parents and carers... Read more


Leeds Hospital awarded a National Joint Registry (NJR) Quality Data Provider.

NJR Quality Data Provider is achieved through consistent logging and monitoring of the success of our joint replacement operations carried out at our hospital. Find out how this data helpful for patients... Read more


Treating your sports injury with Shockwave Therapy at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital.

What is Shockwave Therapy? And how can it help your sports injury? We chat to Physiotherapy Outpatient Clinical Lead, Dan Garbutt...Read more

A Senior Physiotherapist's guide to avoiding common gardening injuries.

Senior Physiotherapist Emma Pollard from Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital shares her tips on keeping fit and well whilst enjoying attending to the garden...Read more


Leeds Hospital becomes the only provider in Yorkshire to achieve international aseptic technique accreditation.

Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital is just one of a handful of hospitals in the country to achieve silver accreditation for Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT®) from The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice (ASAP)...Read more

Six stone weight loss for Leeds patient - COVID-19 lifesaver.

54-year-old Samantha Taylor-Rose underwent weight loss surgery at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital, read about her journey returning to good health before the pandemic struck...Read more


Generous donation from patient, after life was 'transformed' following treatment.

Leeds Hospital patient Carol Taylor has kindly donated several artificial joint models which we frequently use in patient consultations to help explain procedures. Here's Carol's story on why she did this wonderful and generous donation...Read more

Returning to the gym on 12th April: How to Avoid Injury After Coronavirus Lockdown.

Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital's senior physiotherapists Emily Jackson and Daniel Gibson share their tips on how to get back into fitness and training at the gym avoiding injury...Read more 


Football player fighting fit thanks to multi-practitioner rehabilitation programme.

Semi-professional footballer for Scarborough Athletic, Isaac came to us last September for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. “I wanted to get back to playing again as soon as possible. But with lockdown, I could not get to a gym. I’m really grateful for the recovery programme offered by Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital... Read more


Transformative spinal surgery for 90-year-old during COVID-19 pandemic.

This fiercely independent 91-year old, Dorothy, is a keen dancer, travels on cruise holidays and goes to town every week. This suddenly came to a stop in 2019, after she developed severe back and leg pain, but after recent complex transformative spinal surgery, is now looking forward to all those things she put on hold... Read more


The six myths of pelvic health. 

Bladder, bowel and sexual health are still not topics everyone feels comfortable talking about which can lead to misinformation. Pelvic health specialist, Senior Physiotherapist Megan Campbell clarifies six of the most common myths about your pelvic floor... Read more


Returning to exercise following lockdown.

Read our guide from David Bown, physiotherapy assistant and qualified personal trainer at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital... Read more


Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital's first-three level complex anterior spinal reconstruction with outstanding results for Grandfather of five.

The relatively quick?onset?of sciatica meant 64-year-old grandfather of five?John Cummings from? Addingham, Leeds,?was experiencing shooting pains when walking?with a poor posture... Read more


Rainforest Adventure is highlight of Assistant Head Teacher's journey back to fitness after hip replacement 

As featured in the Wakefield Express: At 40, Wakefield Girls’ High School assistant headteacher Joanna Rhodes was facing the prospect of not being able to tie her shoelaces for the rest of her life... Read more

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