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Ear, nose and throat issues can affect us all and range from minor snuffles and sneezes to more debilitating conditions. These can be especially troublesome when such complaints are persistent and can impact our daily routine.

Choose your dedicated Consultant 
All of our specialists are established consultants, with a private practice at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital, giving you the reassurance you need that you are in the best possible hands. They are fully supported by our skilled and dedicated matron-led nursing team who will support you throughout your patient journey.

Why come to Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital for ENT treatment? 
We have a range of ENT consultants who are able to assess, diagnose and treat and whole host of conditions and we are able to work with Paediatric patients as we have a dedicated team of Paediatric ENT consultants.

Therefore, whatever your ENT complaint big or small, you can receive the peace of mind you need to get back to normal

ENT Consultants at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital
Mr Furrat Amen
Mr Patrick Axon
Mr Neil Donnelly
Mr Fahmy Fahmy
Mr Brian Fish
Mr Roger Gray
Mr Piyush Jani
Mr Nico Jonas
Mr David McKiernan
Mr James Tysome

Treatments available:
Adult audiology hearing aid provision
Antral washout
Balloon sinuplasty
Deviated septum (septoplasty)
Ear drum repair (myringoplasty)
Endoscopic sinus surgery
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
Grommet insertion
Mastoid surgery 
Microsuction of ear canal
Middle ear surgery
Nasal polypectomy
Submandibular gland removal
Thyroid surgery 

For further information about our ENT Consultants and treatments available please contact our team on 01223 370922 or complete the enquiry form below.