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Your Audiologist will perform a complete assessment including assessing your current lifestyle and level of hearing. They will ask you questions about specific situations when your hearing is affected such as listening to music, during conversations with family and friends or when using a telephone. They will also ask you about your general health. 

Your Audiologist will also examine the health of your ears and perform a full hearing test to determine your current level of hearing. They will discuss the results with you and advise if you could benefit from a hearing aid.  

There are many types of hearing aids. Your consultant will advise which aid might fit your needs. Be sure and ask any questions and discuss any concerns you may have.  Measurements and an earmould may be taken.

In a followup appointment you will be fitted with your new hearing aid. Your Audiologist will spend time programming your new aid so that it operates at the optimum level for you. They will also show you how to adjust your aid yourself including adjusting the volume, changing the battery and cleaning your aid. 

It can take some time to adjust to wearing your new hearing aid. Your Audiologist will advise you how to ease into continued wearing of your aid. They may help you create a timetable so you can work up to a full day of wearing your aid. 

You may need to attend several followup visits to that we can measure how well your aid is helping you and make adjustments if necessary.