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Vo2 Max and Lactate Profile

Maximise your performance with a comprehensive analysis of your physiological function on the bike or treadmill at Nuffield Health City Gym in London. 

What does this test do?

The test will give us your Vo2 max and lactate profile. This tells us just how efficient your body is at using oxygen during exercise and how you progress through the various energy production systems. From this, we can design a tailored exercise programme that will get you training more effectively and improve your performance and fitness.

What’s involved?

The Physiologists will put you through your paces on either the bike or the treadmill and accurately identify both your Vo2 Max and your Lactate Profile.

  • We will analyse your body composition and identify your body fat percentage
  • Max ramp test!
  • A tailored plan with the most effective training goals for your desired sport.
  • A personalised report covering your power/pace, HR (heart rate), Vo2 and Lactate data from the test

Duration:1 hour

*20% discount for members or people referred from a Nuffield Health assessment.