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SKILLROW™ is the first fully connected indoor
rowing machine that combines power training and
cardiovascular training.

What’s different about the SKILLROW rowing machine?

The SKILLROW is the first indoor rowing machine capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology and performance-oriented workouts.

SKILLROW's unique control allows you choose between a power or a cardiovascular workout. And its AQUAFEEL technology creates resistance to make you feel like you are really on water.

Key benefits and features

Multi-drive technology
Creates resistance as if you are on the water.

Modal dial for all types of training
For power or cardio workouts set resitance to a custom level.

Smartphone Connectivity
Boost your health by challenging other rowers within an app.

Neuromuscular training
Dedicated training programmes developed by Technogym stimulate neuromuscular and the metabolic components of performance.

Safe and comfortable rowing
Thanks to AQUAFEEL, resistance is gradual making a fluid workout, avoiding backlash on the lower back.