A new way to train

We’re transforming your gym floor and  investing in the latest state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, changing the way you train forever.

Welcome To The Digital Revolution

Our fitness transformation sees the latest digital technology, innovative equipment and optimised gym training zones provide a seamless fitness experience. We've invested in a connected Technogym refit, giving you a trackable and completely personalised fitness experience with endless possibilities on the gym floor and on the go.

Digital tools on equipment, in classes and on our app allow you to:

set fitness goals
track your activity wherever you are
train individually and in groups
personalise every workout.

Explore a New Gym Floor

We've reimagined your workout space, adding and reconfiguring specialised zones to help you focus on your goals. Click and drag to browse Sunbury Gym to see what to expect from Technogym.

State-Of-The-Art Technogym Equipment

SKILLRUN™ is perfect for running, and suitable for runners of all distances. The innovative technology allows you to perform sessions and resistance workouts on the same piece of equipment, providing a well-rounded cardio and power training workout.

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SKILLROW™ is the first fully connected indoor rowing machine that combines power training and cardiovascular training. Its sport-specific design, exclusive technology and training-oriented programs allow you to train like an athlete, with maximum effect.

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SKILLRUN™ delivers colour-coded, data-driven workouts that track and monitor your running in real time, improving your performance. Combining strength and cardio training on one machine, use this treadmill like never before with parachute training, sled pushes and agility training.

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Fresh Class Experiences

New group training classes held on the gym floor using equipment and screens take your fitness a level further.

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Advanced Training, Enhanced Outcomes

Technogym is dedicated to innovation. State-of-the-art SKILL Zone TRAINING offers unique approaches to exercise, including resistance training on cardio kit and classes that use built-in data to help you exercise more efficiently. With our Technogym kit, you’ll be able to improve so many aspects of your fitness, including your stamina, agility and strength. And with our expert staff's support, you'll experience completely personalised training, at whatever level and whatever your goal.

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