Improving health

The SKILLMILL is a revolutionary curved treadmill
that offers the ultimate flexibility of training.
With SKILLMILL you can build power, agility,
speed and stamina on one piece of equipment.

What’s the difference between the SKILLMILL and a regular treadmill?

The SKILLMILL is a non-motorized product that is activated only with the force of the user.
Designed specifically to put you in control, SKILLMILL creates a personal workout.

If you want to increase the speed, move towards the front of the platform. To slow down, simply move to the rear. Offering durability and safety in its ergonomic design, a double handle also allows you to adopt different positions for high or low intensity thrusts, and accommodates any type of physique.

SKILLMILL develops workout skills

The SKILLMILL allows you to improve functions such as power, speed and endurance by using training that is similar to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Multi-drive technology
Enable flexible resistance training for muscle toning

Non-motorised training
Create you own user-generated intensity for your workouts

Smartphone guidance
Access training programmes in the palm of your hand

Performance monitoring and tracking
Get easy-to-read consoles to track and store workouts keeping you on track

Dual handlebars
Reposition for high/low pushes thanks to the dual handlebar catering for users of different heights and body sizes