Looking for a simple, effective workout you can do at home? Our Pilates instructor, Olivia Tyler, leads a 20-minute online class to help you stay fit and flexible.

Updated: Tuesday 24 January 2023

Published: Tuesday 7 April 2020

Finding a way to become more active can be challenging, especially if you’re used to a more sedentary lifestyle or have simply fallen out of the habit. That’s why we’ve put together this easy 30-day exercise plan to help you build a routine to boost your fitness and wellbeing.

Updated: Wednesday 11 January 2023

Published: Wednesday 22 June 2016

Going to the gym isn’t all about bulking up or slimming down, it can also be a place to meet new people, relax or have fun. Here’s our list of 10 things you can do at the gym, other than pump iron.

Updated: Friday 2 September 2022

Published: Wednesday 30 December 2016

5k runs are a great challenge for anyone new to running. Prepare with this training plan from Personal Trainer Haydn Ward.

Updated: Friday 2 September 2022

Published: Thursday 27 October 2016

Get the most out of every lap and find the best stroke for you with our expert comparison of swimming strokes.

Updated: Friday 2 September 2022

Published: Tuesday 7 July 2015

As the pros take to the turf at Wimbledon this summer, millions of us will get swept up in the passion. With the popularity of tennis at an all-time high, here are our expert's top tips to help you dominate the court this summer.

Updated: Friday 2 September 2022

Published: Tuesday 30 June 2015