Sports Performance at MIHP

The Manchester Institute of Health and Performance (MIHP) is a leading centre for sports performance in the UK. Combining sports performance with modern diagnostic imaging technology and clinical excellency, MIHP is a world-class health and performance facility.

Based in Manchester’s Sportcity, the largest concentration of sporting venues in Europe, MIHP provides athletes with access to Nuffield Health’s network of leading consultants in fitness and sports performance.

Our clientele include elite football and rugby teams, professional golfers, cyclists and boxers, as well as individual athletes. So whether you’re training for the Olympics or a local triathlon, our sports performance facilities can help you reach your fitness and sporting goals.

Sports performance facilities at MIHP include performance testing, recovery, and strength and rehabilitation.

Performance testing

Performance testing in sports gives you a greater understanding of your body and knowledge of how and where to improve so that you can give your best performance in competitions and sporting events.

MIHP has one of Europe’s largest environmental chambers, where sports teams can undergo altitude training with circuits, treadmills or Wattbikes. MIHP’s environmental chamber allows UK and international athletes to keep their core body temperature monitored while climate training in cold temperatures below 10⁰C and high temperatures above 35⁰C.

MIHP also has leading performance testing equipment, such as the Biodex isokinetic dynamometer used to measure muscle strength in isokinetic assessments, and the Qualisys 3D motion capture system used for gait analysis in biomechanics assessments.

The physiology services at MIHP can be used to test your VO2 max, lactate threshold and resting metabolic rate (RMR), to give you a better understanding of your cardiovascular fitness, to prescribe training zones for exercise, and to help manage weight.

Strength and rehabilitation

Strength and rehabilitation are key components in recovering from and preventing injuries. With equipment like the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill and Pilates reformers, the training facilities at MIHP are ideal for athletes.

MIHP has two specialist gyms on-site, the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym and the Strength and Conditioning Gym, reserved for athletes only.


For elite athletes, rest and recovery is an essential aspect of their training programme. MIHP provides sports teams and individual athletes with cutting-edge recovery facilities, including hydrotherapy, cryotherapy and game ready.

Warm and cold pools in our hydrotherapy suite allow for contrast bathing after intense training or major tournaments to lessen muscle fatigue and decrease pain. 

MIHP is home to three state-of-the-art cryotherapy pods, which go all the way down to -120⁰C. You can use cryotherapy to reduce muscle soreness, fatigue and swelling, as well as aid recovery of soft-tissue injuries.

Game Ready is a device that uses cold therapy and compression to limit swelling, treat upper and lower body injuries and fast track recovery.

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