Game Ready is a popular tool for recovering from training or competitions, as well as to help the rehabilitation process after an injury. This smart piece of equipment circulates ice-cold water and air through two different chambers, combining compression and cold therapy.

Game Ready has been shown to decrease pain and swelling, increase blood flow and oxygen to the injury site and stimulate tissue healing. That’s why it can be used to treat a wide range soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries.

Who can use Game Ready?

Game Ready is suitable for athletes or individuals of any size, ability level and sports discipline.

Can I rent Game Ready?

Yes due to its portability you can rent out Game Ready, provided you or your support staff are familiar with the device.

Alternatively, you can use the device in the facility and one of our experts will help with the setup as required.

How does Game Ready work?

The Game Ready equipment comes with a control unit and dual-action anatomical wraps to maximise surface area in contact with the body.

Simply attach the relevant anatomical wrap to the target area, and the system will provide intermittent compression and cold water from an ice reservoir in the control unit, which circulates through a chamber inside the wrap.

Game Ready anatomical wraps

With a wide selection of anatomical wraps the Game Ready can treat upper and lower body injuries.

  • Hand and wrist wrap

    The hand/wrist wrap accelerates healing from upper extremity trauma, sprains and fractures. It can help to treat:

    • carpal tunnel release or syndrome
    • distal radius fracture
    • knuckle (MCP Joint) replacement
    • pain management
    • sprain, strains or fractures
    • tendon repair
    • trapeziectomy
    • trigger finger release.
  • Ankle wrap

    The ankle wrap fits men’s shoe sizes up to 18 and can be used to help treat:

    • Achilles tendon rupture or tear
    • lateral ankle repair
    • pain management
    • plantar fasciitis and bone spurs
    • sesamoiditis
    • sprain, strains or fractures
    • tendon surgery
  • Straight knee wrap

    The straight knee wrap can treat:

    • anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury or surgery
    • collateral ligament injury or surgery
    • meniscus tear or repair
    • pain management
    • partial knee replacement
    • patellar tendinitis or tendon tear
    • total knee replacement or total knee arthroplasty (TKR, TKA).
  • Half leg boot wrap

    The half leg boot wrap fits men’s shoe sizes 6 to 11 and women’s shoe sizes up to 13. It can be used to treat a variety of injuries such as:

    • Achilles tendon rupture or tear
    • calf muscle surgery
    • fibula fracture surgery
    • lateral ankle repair
    • pain management
    • plantar fasciitis and bone spurs
    • sesamoiditis
    • sprains, strains or fractures
    • tendon surgery
    • tibia fracture surgery
    • tibial and peroneal artery bypass.
  • Hip/groin wrap

    The hip/groin wrap fits a wide range of body types and can treat:

    • hemiarthroplasty
    • hip resurfacing
    • pain management
    • sprains, strains or fractures
    • total hip replacement or total hip arthroplasty (THR/THA).
  • Back wrap

    The back wrap fits waist sizes 22” to 55” and can provide relief for:

    • kyphoplasty
    • nerve blocks
    • nucleoplasty
    • pain management
    • spine fusion
    • sprains, strains or fractures.
  • Straight elbow wrap

    The straight elbow and calf wraps can be used to treat:

    • bursitis
    • elbow replacement surgery
    • interposition arthroplasty
    • lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow surgery)
    • osteocapsular arthroplasty
    • pain management
    • sprains, strains or fractures
    • synovectomy.
  • Shoulder wraps

    MIHP has left and right shoulder wraps to fit chest sizes from 33” to 55” and treat:

    • arthroscopic stabilization or repair
    • capsulolabral reconstruction
    • clavical fracture stabilization
    • fracture fixations
    • pain management
    • rotator cuff repair
    • shoulder debridement or replacement
    • SLAP tear
    • sprains, strains or fractures.
  • Fixed elbow wrap

    The fixed elbow wrap offers therapy at 90° and 135° flexion for patients unable to straighten their elbows.

What to bring

Wear anything you feel comfortable in e.g. sports kit.

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