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Come to Nuffield Health Tees Hospital for your facet joint injections. If you suffer from spinal problems or spinal osteoarthritis, this treatment could be the medical solution you need.

Why choose Nuffield Health Tees Hospital for your facet joint injection treatment?

At Nuffield Health Tees Hospital our experienced spinal surgeons regularly perform facet joint injections for patients suffering from spinal problems and spinal osteoarthritis. We are able to provide rapid access to treatment, ensuring a prompt end to spinal pain and discomfort.

Our hospital has been leading the way for private healthcare on Teesside for many years. Our state-of-the-art medical equipment and range of modern surgical facilities has attracted some of the most renowned spinal surgeons in the North East region.

Nuffield Health Tees Hospital is conveniently located on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Norton. Due to our spacious location in Teesside, we can offer plenty of free parking as well as access to a number of local transportation links from Darlington, Middlesborough and other surrounding towns.

If you are unsure whether facet joint injections are the right solution for you, or if you have some important questions, you can always attend one of our free spinal surgery open events to meet one of our spinal experts and find out more.

How to book a consultation at Nuffield Health Tees Hospital?

Booking a consultation to see one of our spinal surgeons is easy. Simply call our dedicated hospital enquiry team on 01642 367 439 and they will find an appointment time which is convenient for you. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form above and one of our enquiry team members will get back to you.

What is a facet joint?

  • Your spine is made up of a column of bones called vertebrae
  • The vertebrae are joined together by small facet joints and spongy discs that sit between your vertebrae
  • Facet joints help to stabilise your spine
  • As you get older wear and tear (osteoarthritis) in your facet joints can cause pain
  • Often the pain is in another area of your body such as your thigh, buttocks or neck
  • A facet joint injection is a diagnostic tool to help your consultant confirm that your pain is caused by your wear and tear of your facet joints.

What happens during an x-ray guided facet joint injection at Nuffield Health Tees Hospital?

  • A facet joint injection usually takes less than 30 minutes and is performed using local anaesthetic
  • A small drip (called a cannula) may be inserted in the back of your hand so that we can give you drugs immediately should you feel unwell. The needle is very fine so you may not feel a thing when it is inserted
  • An antiseptic will be used to clean the area and a local anaesthetic will be injected
  • Once we confirm the area is numb, your consultant will carefully insert the needle for your injection. They may inject a dye (colourless contrast fluid) and take an x-ray to confirm the needle is in the right position
  • Sometimes an ultrasound scanner is used to help guide the needle
  • You may feel some pressure in the injection area or along a nerve. This is usually temporary
  • We will monitor you carefully during the injection.

Going home after x-ray guided facet joint injection in Stockton-on-Tees

  • You should be able to go home shortly after your injection
  • You will not be able to drive so please arrange for someone to take you home
  • You should rest if you feel tired
  • Do not walk long distances, drive, operate machinery (including cooking) until you have fully recovered feeling, movement and coordination
  • You should be able to return to normal daily activities the day after your injection
  • Keep a record of your pain levels so that your consultant can plan your pain management programme or follow-up treatment.

Most people make a good recovery from facet joint injections. As with any medical procedure there could be complications including:

  • Failure of the injection to relieve your pain
  • Worsening pain
  • Backache or feeling bruised
  • Allergic reaction to local anaesthetic.

Rare complications could include:

  • Seizures
  • Injection
  • Nerve injury (short or long term)
  • Blood clots.
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