5 ways to get the most out of hospital open events

Open events are a great opportunity to tap into medical experts for free. Medical Executive Director, Dr Davina Deniszczyc explains how to get the most out of them in five easy steps.

1. Prepare

Before attending an open event, or any consultation for that matter, you should have an idea of what you want to get out of it. Are you concerned about results? Do you know the risks? Think on this before you attend. Figure out what particular questions you want answered and what the hospital can help you with.

2. Know yourself

If you are asking the doctor a question, they will also have questions for you, so be prepared to answer them. Think through the symptoms you experience and how to articulate them. Make a note of the current medications you take.

3. Be up front about your concerns

Seeking treatment can be a worrying time. Think about what concerns you the most. Is it the procedure itself, the recovery period, or the associated risks? Tell the doctor about your concerns so they can address them directly.

No questions are silly, we've heard everything before, so don’t be embarrassed to speak up. However, doctors don't know everything (even though we sometimes think we do) so ask for clarification or where you can access further information.

4. Manage your expectations

If it's about a treatment or procedure, ask yourself what you expect out of it. Is it a better lifestyle, a boost to your confidence or simply getting back on your feet? Ask about the common side effects and what you can do to reduce those risks such as giving up smoking, losing weight, or getting more sleep.

5. Take notes

Take down the details of the host doctor or a contact at the hospital. You may realise you’ve forgotten to ask something important when the event is over. Don't feel silly writing things down. We only remember around 10% of the conversations we have. Your notes will help you with any further research when you get home.

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Last updated Wednesday 17 January 2024

First published on Tuesday 17 January 2017