Dan, tell us what is Shockwave Therapy?

“Shockwave therapy is a special type of therapy which targets specific pain normally within a tendon. It’s a non-invasive treatment and is delivered by one of our outpatient senior physiotherapists here at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital.

If you have quite a stubborn or chronic pain, Shockwave therapy can help reduce pain and help facilitate loading or rehabilitation programme to be more tolerable.”

Can you tell us how does Shockwave Therapy work?

Shockwave therapy produces a series of mechanical waves that create a reaction in the tissue being treated.  Some studies show it promotes healing and reduces pain to allow effective rehabilitation. Accompanied with a prescribed programme of exercises, it gives significant relief of pain for our patients.”

How is Shockwave Therapy delivered?

“Shockwave therapy delivered within the physiotherapy treatment session which lasts 30 minutes, but the actual treatment only last 3-4 minutes. Normally, patients have weekly sessions for six weeks with progress reviewed after three to assess the impact and results.”

Does Shockwave Therapy hurt?

“You might feel a little discomfort in the treatment area during the 3-4 minute session. Patients say it feels like little pulses against the skin. We tend to be able to adjust the way we use the shockwave therapy device if you’re in discomfort”. 

Can you give an example of how Shockwave Therapy has helped a patient?

“We recently had a patient referred to us since they had become an avid walker. Their sudden increase in walking activities however lead to them developing anterior knee pain.  We gave this patient shockwave therapy alongside a rehab programme over a period of 12 weeks and is now back to enjoying their regular walks, completely pain free.”

How can patients access the Shockwave Therapy service here in Leeds?

“We get a lot of Consultants referring patients onto us. Patients can also self-refer for Shockwave therapy, they’ll have a review with one of our senior physiotherapists prior to treatment.” 

How much does Shockwave Therapy cost?

“Shockwave therapy is covered by some insurers – call our team (0113 388 2064) to check. If you’re self-paying prices start from £195 for the first three sessions and then £99 for the next three.*

How quickly can I be seen?

“Physiotherapy appointments are usually available the same week”

To find out more and to book, call our Physiotherapy team on: 0113 388 2064.

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*prices correct as of May 2021.