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At Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, we offer a consultant-delivered endoscopy service. We provide patients with a comfortable, private day room, in a convenient city centre location with parking. Our unit provides high quality, individualised patient care from a team of Consultant Gastroenterologists, Surgeons and an Endoscopy Lead, in a fully-equipped first class environment for treatment and recovery, accredited by the Joint Advisory Group for gastrointestinal endoscopy (JAG).

What is a diagnostic endoscopy?

A diagnostic endoscopy involves a long, tube-like instrument with a lens and light being inserted through a natural opening, such as the mouth or anus.

What are the benefits of diagnostic endoscopy?

A diagnostic endoscopy allows specialists to check for abnormal tissue, irritations, ulcers and inflammation of internal organs. An endoscopy can also be used to extract tissue samples from the body (biopsy) or insert dye into a particular organ to create a clearer view under x-ray.

What happens during a diagnostic endoscopy?

Preparing for a diagnostic endoscopy

Before having an endoscope passed through the mouth, you must avoid food for several hours as food in the stomach can obstruct the consultant's view.

You are usually given laxatives before an endoscope is inserted into the rectum and colon.

During a diagnostic endoscopy

The examination is usually carried out with the patient under sedation, or general anaesthetic in some cases. Your consultant will discuss the best method with you.

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