The Piggotts School, Wargrave, Berkshire (Students aged 4-18)

Opened: September 2013
Challenges: Had limited space to provide a fitness suite and required advise on how the facilities could be supervised to support curriculum and community use.
Nuffield Health impact: Provided design and build consultancy, investment in new equipment and provided a professional management solution to support curricular and community use.
School comments:“Accessing Nuffield Health’s expertise will have a positive impact on both our students and the wider community. We are confident that this partnership will strengthen our curriculum and help build self-confidence amongst our students“ - Hilary Winter, Head Teacher

Bilborough College, Nottingham (Students aged 16-18)

Opened: October 2013
Challenges: Fantastic sports facilities but the fitness suite was uninviting, being small and cramped with old equipment requiring investment. Student and community usage was below what would be expected
Nuffield Health impact: Invested £93,000 in new equipment, consulted with the college to increase size of the gym significantly and converting an adjacent storage room (funded by the college) and enhanced engagement with staff and students.
College comments: “We are confident that this partnership will strengthen the way we deliver our curriculum and will encourage our students to find other ways to build confidence, make friends and thrive in education”  – Chris Bradford, Principal