Emotional wellbeing support

Our emotional wellbeing support services provide your employees with help and guidance whenever they need it. From providing employee guidance on remaining resilient to offering help and support for all types of stress and anxiety.

Supporting your employees’ emotional wellbeing needs

At Nuffield Health, we think differently about mental health – we see it as much more that the absence of mental illness. 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental ill health each year, but 4 in 4 people have emotional wellbeing needs. Every one of us has a state of mental health that changes day to day depending on our experiences, just as our physical health does.

Through the provision of prevention, diagnostic and treatment services, we can support the emotional wellbeing of your employees whenever and wherever they may need us.

At Work

  • Offering onsite consultations to provide ease of access and continued employee support
  • Providing onsite emotional wellbeing programmes and courses tailored for your employee population
  • Ensuring emotional health education and promotion is at the heart of your organisation
  • Providing a safe and stigma free environment for your employees

At Home

  • Convenient whole of workforce access to our digital self-help management platform, Silvercloud
  • Scalable remote emotional wellbeing programmes and courses for both leaders and employees
  • Offering online consultations through our digital platform, My Therapy
  • Providing continued online support through guided and self-help therapy

In the Community

  • Access to our wide range of employed and network therapists nationwide
  • Offering convenient accessibility, with availability to meet your employee requirements
  • Often providing extended operating hours as well as weekend access within our nationwide medical centres
  • Greater accessibility to our preventative, primary and secondary care services

How do we help your employees

We can support your employee emotional wellbeing requirements through a range of preventative, diagnostic and treatment services.


Self help through SilverCloud

Based on years of clinical research, our self-help platform helps individuals think and feel better through a suite of programmes using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Self-help subjects include:

  • resilience
  • sleep
  • mindfulness
  • money worries
  • long-term physical health conditions
  • anxiety
  • depression.

We use a variety of easy-to-follow videos and interactive content to give users practical skills to help them maintain and improve their mental and physical wellbeing. Quick to deploy and cost effective, online self-help is a powerful tool to improve and maintain the wellbeing of your workforce.

Training and education

Effective training and education of your employees is the key to adopting an inclusive emotionally well culture. Qualified and experienced emotional health professionals and educators work together to deliver engaging, evidence-based programmes and courses for today's employees. Unlike some training providers, all of our team are active emotional health professionals who can help employees on a one to one basis. As such they have real life understanding and experience across a broad spectrum of emotional health concerns.

Our programmes and courses focus on creating a positive working environment that provides practical techniques and activities to enhance both personal and team resilience, enabling both leaders and employees to thrive in the workplace. This can be achieved through a range of single topic workshops such as sleep, nutrition, mood and exercise, through to the provision of our half day mental health champion course, empowering a wide range of employees to support the emotional health agenda throughout the organisation.

This can be augmented by our two day Mental Health First Aid course, delivered by our accredited Nuffield Health team. This course provides an in-depth understanding of emotional health and the factors that can affect an individual's emotional wellbeing. Building upon practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of emotional health issues, the course gives individuals the confidence to approach, reassure and support a person in distress. The training also focusses on enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgmental listening, and helping someone recover their health by guiding them to further support.

Diagnosis and treatment

Through our extensive network of therapists we are able to provide effective diagnosis and treatment for those employees with emotional health concerns.

We use a stepped care model to provide emotional wellbeing services, from low-intensity interventions such as guided online therapy and self-help therapy, through to clinical treatment services such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other psychotherapy treatments as well as psychology and psychiatry.

We carry out an initial triage assessment to ensure the individual gains the most clinically suitable treatment with the best specialist in their area. Treatment can then either be stepped up or down depending on their progress. At all times, treatment is goal-orientated, solution-focused, proactive and short term.

Treatment is delivered by an accredited Emotional Wellbeing Therapist or CBT Therapist, via our national network of in-house and self-employed therapists either at your workplace, face-to-face in our clinics, or remotely via our Nuffield Health My Therapy app. So wherever your workforce is based, they’ll be able to easily access the support they need.

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