Our range of emotional wellbeing services helps your employees deal with things like stress, anxiety and depression - things which can have a profound effect on their performance at work.

We help people get well and stay well.

  • 98% of clients completing treatment over a month showed improvement in emotional wellbeing.
  • 87% of clients completing treatment over a period of one month met the definition of Reliable Improvement at discharge.
  • Just 7% of clients are re-referred for further treatment.

Emotional wellbeing problems are very common:

  • 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems in any given year
  • 1 in 6 experience work-related stress, depression or anxiety
  • A mental health issue is the second most common reason for taking time off work
  • Mental health costs UK employers £30billion per year.

Nuffield Health can provide fast access, bespoke quality services and strategies to meet the needs of your employees. From awareness and education right through to prevention and treatment, we can offer a wide range of interventions such as:

  • resilience training
  • self-help tools
  • face-to-face treatment
  • guided self-help.

Find out more about our full range of services here.

Qualified professional treatment

Our network of over 1,200 accredited BABCP and BACP therapists throughout the UK support emotional wellbeing through preventative and curative treatments, including cognitive behavioural therapy. Using physical and mental techniques, our therapists help to change how we think about and respond to situations, easing the effects of anxiety and depression.

Our therapists can come to your workplace if you have the facilities to allow this, or your employees can see a therapist at one of our gym or hospital sites.

Self-guided online support

Our self-guided Space to Thrive online programme offers holistic lifestyle coaching to help identify and address emotional wellbeing concerns before they become unmanageable.

It's a great way for your employees to deal with any issues at their own pace, wherever they like. The coaching targets the thinking behaviours and lifestyle factors that can make a real difference to your emotional wellbeing, reducing the effects of stress and building resilience.