At your workplace

Get exactly the expertise you need. Nuffield Health is the market leader in the design, build and management of unique workplace health and fitness facilities, with over 200 corporate on-site gyms clients.

You might be looking for a fully-integrated wellbeing facility or just an office gym. Whatever your needs and budget, you can pick from a range of services including:

  • Fully supervised management
  • Health and safety advice
  • Personal training
  • Wellbeing advisors
  • Exercise classes
  • Education seminars and forums
  • Health MOT
  • 'Meet our experts' events
  • Beauty and alternative therapies
  • Marketing and promotion

Our industry knowledge means that we can deliver the best value for money and improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Our results

  • On-site gym membership levels are at an average of 41% (80% in free-of-charge facilities)
  • 70% of on-site gym members are active
  • Nuffield Health's customer and client satisfaction Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are within the top 10% of B2B and B2C across all industries.

At a Nuffield Health gym

We offer discounted gym membership for companies at any of our 111 fitness and wellbeing clubs.

If you have an on-site gym with us, those members have access to a Top Up Membership. This means for a small monthly fee they can use up to 111 Nuffield Health consumer clubs as well your on-site facilities. We also offer discounted access for partner companies whereby your employees can access our consumer clubs at an exclusive discounted membership rate. They can choose a preferred commitment from a twelve-month membership to a rolling monthly membership; our most flexible option.

Ways your employees can access our clubs:

Membership at our consumer clubs, whether top up, flexible benefits or corporate discounted, offers a breadth of on-site health expertise including physiotherapists and specially-trained Personal Trainers. Plus, all members get free Health MOTs every three months, supporting them in understanding their health and getting the most out of their membership with us. Every club offers a wide range of group exercise; plus pools in 110 clubs and equipment to suit everyone. With an option to try us first with a free 7-day trial, we offer the best possible access for your employees.

Setting up a corporate gym membership scheme

It's simple and cost-effective to set-up a corporate gym membership scheme. We’ll make the experience hassle-free and tell you about the various options we have to make the corporate membership scheme more affordable, whether your company is big or small.