Men’s Life Stage 3 | Taking stock

Turning 40 no longer means you’re “over the hill”. If you have a young family, they still need you at your best but as they grow up, you’re finding more time for yourself.

You may be gearing up for a well-deserved break from work or planning your retirement. Now’s the time to cash in on all that hard work.

However, this is still a time of great change for your body. Falling testosterone levels can affect fertility and lead to enlarged male breasts, an often embarrassing but ultimately treatable condition.

Fathers who thought they had finished having children - and opted for a vasectomy earlier in life - may be considering a reversal (yes, in many cases it’s possible).

Many common men’s health issues are most likely to appear during this stage of life. It’s important to be extra vigilant and be on the lookout for testicular lumps and bumps. Kidney stones can make the simplest tasks very painful.

Areas to consider at this stage include:

Last updated Thursday 20 April 2017

First published on Friday 26 June 2015