The Let's Talk Health Podcast by Nuffield Health

Healthy conversations with industry-leading experts and famous faces from the world of sport

Let’s Talk Health

Health and wellbeing advice can be difficult to digest.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the Let’s Talk Health podcast. Featuring industry-leading experts and familiar faces from the world of sport, we’re sitting down to tackle the topics that matter most to you and your health.

From mental health and fitness to recovery and nutrition, our experts simplify tricky topics and give practical advice that everyone can use.

Advice from the experts

Let’s Talk Health brings you relaxed conversations with industry-leading experts who can bring positive and actionable change.

As the UK’s largest healthcare charity, we’re able to showcase experts from a range of health and wellbeing areas, including:

  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Children’s health
  • Clinical practice
  • Fitness and personal training

Famous faces from the world of sport

Alongside Nuffield Health experts, we’ll also be chatting with familiar faces from the world of sport to get an idea of what being a professional athlete is really like.

These episodes put an entertaining spin on health and wellbeing and raise the curtain on the ways professional athletes train, eat, sleep, and maintain their mental health.

Dame Kelly Holmes and Fara Williams MBE

In our first episode, we sit down for an exclusive conversation with two of our Nuffield Health Ambassadors Dame Kelly Holmes and Fara Williams MBE.

Kelly and Fara kick the conversation off with some career highlights and a chat about what women's health means to them. They address some of the key findings from our Healthier Nation Index 2024, including the relationship between our mental and physical health and why walking is such a beneficial form of exercise.

The episode also includes discussion around mental health in professional sport, the barriers young women face when it comes to fitness, and how they've both had to adapt their health and wellbeing routines in retirement.

Where can I listen?

You can listen to the Let’s Talk Health podcast on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer on the following apps:

Last updated Wednesday 5 June 2024

First published on Wednesday 5 June 2024