The Nuffield Health Healthier Nation Index

The annual survey which reveals why everyone should see 2022 as a critical opportunity to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

What is the Healthier Nation Index?

The Healthier Nation Index is a unique and Nuffield Health-owned annual barometer, providing one of the most detailed reviews of all aspects of the nation’s physical and mental health.

Now in its second year, the Index explores attitudes towards key topics such as the impact of the pandemic on physical and mental wellbeing, barriers to accessing to healthcare, how people manage their own health, as well as expectations of the role the NHS, government, charities and employers should play in improving the nation’s wellbeing.

The research has been carried out by polling company Censuswide on behalf of Nuffield Health. Censuswide surveyed 8,001 adults in the UK and asked 30 questions with answers split by region, age, gender, ethnicity, household income and more.

The Key Findings

Read more about the findings of the second Healthier Nation Index below.

37% of UK adults are now more concerned about their mental health because of COVID-19 and 40% about their physical health
Over a quarter (27%) of UK adults are motivated to exercise as it helps their mental health
40% of women also cited embarrassment as a barrier to exercise, compared with 29% of men.
1 in 3 adults saying their mental health has got worse in the last year
admit to having done no exercise at all in the last year
of adults saying their mental health has got significantly worse in the last year
42% have spent no time looking after their mental health
60% say a lack of motivation is a barrier to exercising and a third (32%) don’t know how to get started.
Women are more likely to report barriers to exercise than men, with more than half citing lack of motivation (67%) and lack of time (55%) as the main causes
37% of women said their physical health has gotten worse in the last 12 months, and 47% have done no vigorous exercise
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It’s important to always remember your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

At Nuffield Health, we believe that wellbeing resources should be available to all those who need it, which is why we’ve created these 5 minute long videos for you to follow along with - they’re designed to help you to work on your wellbeing, even when you're short on time. Be sure to also check out our supporting articles below, too.

*Statistics from a Censuswide survey of 8,001 adults in the UK

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