Let’s Talk Health with Dame Kelly Holmes and Fara Williams MBE

In the very first episode of the Let’s Talk Health podcast, we sat down with two of our Nuffield Health Ambassadors Dame Kelly Holmes and Fara Williams MBE to chat about their decorated careers, the importance of adapting your training over time, overcoming adversity, and the barriers to fitness that women still face today.

Sitting down with Kelly and Fara

Dame Kelly Holmes is a double Olympic gold medallist renowned for her achievements in the 800m and 1500m at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Celebrated as a sports icon, motivational speaker, and advocate for mental health and fitness, her inspiring journey continues to inspire people worldwide.

From winning the FA Cup at Wembley to securing back-to-back league titles, Fara Williams MBE is no stranger to silverware either. Her star-studded career saw her capped an incredible 172 times for England, represent her country at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and win countless trophies along the way before calling time on a decorated 20-year career in 2021.

What success looks like

Kelly and Fara kick off the conversation with a run-through of their career highlights and what moments still stick out as special to this day.

They both touch on the Olympics and how the experience differs for athletes and footballers, the ups and downs of life as a professional athlete, and how managing success isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem.

Overcoming adversity and injury

Aside from all the silverware and medals, Kelly and Fara reiterate the importance of staying focused and keeping long-term goals in mind when things aren’t always going your way.

Whether it’s being sidelined with injury or experiencing defeat, they both agree that setbacks and adversity helped boost the drive to succeed that ultimately forged the careers they’re so proud of today.

“My first big injury really came as a shock because I was such a mentally and physically strong woman”

- Dame Kelly Holmes

Changing priorities and shifting focus

For amateurs and athletes alike, getting older is a fact of life. No matter how fit or how successful you are, adjusting your routine to match what your body is capable of is a must.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Health, Kelly and Fara chat about the value of movement, how our perception of exercise is changing, and how making small adjustments over time can result in big progress in the long run.

“When I first retired, I had that 'i'm still an athlete' mindset and I was obsessed, which was mentally quite tough”

- Fara Williams MBE

Barriers to sport for women

Kelly and Fara wrap up the episode with a chat about the unique barriers to exercise, fitness, and sport that women face. They discuss the changing face of women’s sport, funding inequalities, and how grassroots can influence how young girls view physical activity and exercise.

“Women that are from underprivileged backgrounds do lose out on opportunities”

- Fara Williams MBE

Tune in to the conversation

You can listen to this episode of the Let’s Talk Health Podcast and many more by searching “Let’s Talk Health” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Last updated Tuesday 9 July 2024

First published on Tuesday 9 July 2024